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8 Things Not to Tell Your Girl

8 Things Not to Tell Your Girl

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If you have a girl, you have to be very careful about what you say. It is easy for you to accidentally damage a life by making a good comment.

If you have a girl, listen to what you tell her

Don't tell her the 8 things below. is also crazy about why not.

1. Don't tell him "you're a genius!"

If you want to strong and successful women be sure that he is not a born genius, but that he is capable of anything. Always acknowledge the effort, the perseverance, if you have worked hard and accomplished something. If you nurture him persistently, you will be able to write everything in life.

2. Don't make bad comments about yourself

The reason is that your physique doesn't say anything wrong, but don't do it on your own. If you see that you don't like yourself, it can also negatively influence their senses. Remember, your baby's exemplar, the way you behave, will be affected by the Urian effect. Love your body so he loves his own.

3. Don't tell her that girls can do anything

Like it or not, there are things that boys are really better at. Many times they are smarter sportsmen, better mathematicians. But that's okay. Of course, your baby can try anything too, the bottom line is that if you don't get the same good results from high jumps, for example, do not cause him any conscience.

4. Don't face the fact that you have to move and more

Nowadays, it is obligatory to be light, so unfortunately social pressure. Sport, however, should not be a tool for weight loss. If you think your child is gaining weight, suggest him a bicycle ride that will make you both stronger and healthier. Never stamp it your girl by rocking. Exercise should not be a punishment, show him that sport is specifically a good job.

5. Don't say "boys are just like that"

Many times we underestimate boys' games. They are harsh, violent, and cause pain to the girls. You don't have to be in your baby, it's natural and accepted, so don't tell him "boys are just like that". Tell her calmly violence is not right.

6. Don't praise you just for your looks

Don't teach your girl right now that the most important is, don't make it a big deal. Instead, praise your achievements, your kindness, your hard work, your hard work.

7. Don't make him kiss your aunt

If you do not want to kiss, kill the aunt, do not force her. All you have to do with it is that if you ask for something, you have to give it if you want or not. That's not the case. Let him decide what happens to your body, let's establish a physical relationship with whomever you want and when you want to.

8. Don't forbid him to be caught

There is nothing to be done about touching your own intimate body part with your baby. Just make sure you don't start matting your diaper in the middle of a family dinner. You have to teach him that everything has its place and time. Tell him, "We don't usually play our own body parts at the dinner table, go to your room and do it alone."

Do this

Listen to your words. What you say to her today will have an irish influence on her future, her self-image, her behavior. Give him a good shot. Your girl is listening to your words and actions. If you want to become a kind, loving, generous, self-confident adult, so be yourself now!Related Articles:
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