Dear Szllk, Hysticism Can Be LaughedHist is humorous

Dear Szllk, Hysticism Can Be LaughedHist is humorous

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If you just see a little kid drooling, he will put a lenient smile on your face. If you are in it or you are in a situation and other observers, the ground below will sink in your head.

Morcos. Will the hijab break soon?

The hysteric bearings, the handling and the helplessly scattered arms - among others, are what make every parent a succession.

Are the following sentences familiar?

  • Kids can choose the most perfect places for a gig: a car where there's no chance of stopping, queuing, burial, or just going to school.

  • The highest volume can be released by a child when the least volume is needed. Let's say when the little one finally fell asleep.

  • There is no such thing as a brawler. That is, from the age of one to the end of the teenage years, there is always a condition that is perfectly in line with the book's description of the rack age.

  • And you always meet an acquaintance who thinks your child is an angel, but the owl can believe that you can't even imagine it.

  • You think the worst thing about two years of yelling "don't hear" is what you want. However, the older you are, the more you try to explain the truth. It's quite unique, backed up by one-sided logic.

  • At law universities, we would introduce an exam that "speaks to a three-year-old." It might be harder than Roman law.

  • The keywords for the hist two are I WANT and NOW. Without these, wooden sticks are not worth the whole thing. Every kid who can speak a bit knows this, so he tells me at every hist-show. About two times.

  • It is perfectly understandable that, with the help of an infirmary, one would put hyper-super insulation in the apartment. Unfortunately, the hysterics of a neighbor kid still enter the house.

  • Hysterical behavior is sometimes completely well served by some food. If the child's blood glucose levels return to normal, the hysteria will evaporate itself. (I only note softly, this does not only look great on the child, but also on the parents.)

  • She carries an invisible love between her mother and her children. Well, there is another one running beside the wind. If the child presses the right button at one end (read the mega-histitic), the other end can make the mother crazy in the blink of an eye.

  • There is no parent who sometimes does not want to run out of the world, so full of his child's hysteria. And there is no big parent who doesn't smile back to the time when his or her child was just giggling. It's interesting this time, how many beautiful things she has…
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