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Inadequate tick control is one of the causes of infections

Inadequate tick control is one of the causes of infections

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If you find a tick in yourself, the child, immediately remove it with medical equipment available in pharmacies. One of the common causes of tick infestation is the elimination of unprofessional ticks!

In Hungary, forty-five species of ticks are indigenous, and a dozen species of ticks attack humans and animals. The common tick in the Carpathian Basin is the common tick (Ixodes ricinus), which can spread Lyme disease, viral meningitis and other infections to the human body in the bloodstream.Inadequate tick control is one of the causes of infections Viral meningitis and cerebral inflammation can be prevented by vaccination, and it is advisable to start a series of injections in the last year, so that the infection develops in the spring. However, the Lyme disease can sickness can be very insidious, as not all cases have the typical cocadron-shaped skin, and the symptoms of the disease often appear after years after the pinching. In this case, only the established events (eg musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular) can be treated. In addition, since the Lyme disease does not provide immunity to the stigma, it can be caught twice during a season in extreme unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately, in the case of Lyme disease, we cannot prevent the disease by caution when embarking on nature. We should wear seasonally closed long-sleeved clothing, socks to the waist of the trousers, and hats or hats for summer hiking. Wild animals often go high and avoid baiting. In and out of nature, 1 to 1.5 urns should be visited by ticks. From the top to the bottom, even in the most intimate parts of the body! One such Hungarian finding is the tick-removed cannula, which, without infection, kills the yeast. This is important because the tick azйrt the eltбvolнtбs folyamбn if szorongatjбk (eg .: forceps or kцrцmmel) йs destroyed the halбltusбja kцzben the bхrbe fъrуdу szбjszervйbхl fertхzх nyбlat ьrнt the бldozatбba йs often szakszerыtlen eltбvolнtбs sorбn kцvetkezik the fertхzйs! Йlve the szakszerыen eltбvolнtott ticks are worth keeping, and you can also get a tick test in the drug stores to see if the ticks carried Lyme bacilus. If the test is positive, you still do not have to be frightened because the risk of infection is reduced due to professional, time-consuming loss (the time elapsed between skin contact and removal increases exponentially the risk of infection). In the case of a positive test, it is important to note the time and place of the pineal gland, and if the symptoms of Lyme disease occur, the pediatrician, the home doctor should be informed. mosquito and tick repellent spraywe (on roll-on for children) do not (not only) apply it to the skin but also to the outerwear, , focusing on the waist and neck. It is important to know that the effects of these are somewhat insane, so it is worth repeating the head too many times during your trip. Whenever possible, we use new innovative formulations such as the active ingredient PICARIDIN (SALTIDIN), which is not absorbed by the skin and clothes.It is also very important to have ticks in children let's not lose it, let's not run to the doctor. Always have tick-removed cans in our backpack, our first aid kit! We can save unnecessary lows for ourselves and for the child, not to mention to reduce the risk of infection. szбmбra.
Decisive majority of ticks they have grown up in a field in the labyrinth, mgg children on the scalp it occurs, and it "causes children to develop summer fever sympathy," which seems to be a concern for many pediatricians.Related articles in tick ticks:
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