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Thanks for herpes?

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If we get sick during baby-baby, the first question that arises is whether our condition is endangering the fetus, and then the second is how to reduce the risk. Nor is it quite common with genital herpes.

Chasper for herpes?

Inquiry: You just got out!
Most of my twenties have been struggling with it again and again, but not too often with genital herpes. We've got a baby, I'm waiting for my second one, I'm on week 37, basically getting ready for childbirth. I didn't attach much importance to it, but I told my doctor during the next visit and CTG, who examined me and said, really, herpes and because of that, I will probably have to give birth to a baker, as infections can be dangerous to a baby born naturally. Of course, I don't even warn him, but is the situation so serious? Can I do nothing to speed up healing? Will you still be a believer if you think by then?
Esther N., email
Dr. Judit Boros's answer: Concerns and caution are worth noting, since herpes in neonatal neoplasms is extremely dangerous, with a very high rate of death, a very rare condition. If you have active herpes vesicles in the genitals or in the vagina, then it is really necessary for a fetus to have a fetal incision do not become infected in the birth canal with viruses abundantly present in the bladders. However, it is not yet possible to say with certainty whether there will be any need for this, as there are still three weeks to go before this date, and during that time you may even be traced. This is the final decision on the day of the onset of childbirth. Certain antiviral drugs may be used to accelerate healing, which may be administered orally and in the form of a "baby" during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about this opportunity! Since it is an old, sometimes developing herpes infection, it can be assumed that the fetus has received some antibodies through the lungs, so you have if your pregnant mother becomes infected with herpes virus in the first trimester of pregnancy (genital herpes is transmitted by type HSV2) because it often causes miscarriage or development, and it is also unfortunate that . However, he is not that good at all, and he can justifiably hope that by the time the birth begins, the herpes will be eradicated. If your boyfriend or any other family member you visit with your baby shows herpes during the same period, you will need the same level of caution. It is rarely the case that herpes appears on the nipple or around the breast, in which case it is better to stop breastfeeding until the onset of the breast, but if the herpes is far from the nipple, with the blisters.Related articles in Cupping:


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