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We cover ourselves in diapers

We cover ourselves in diapers

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Changing diapers becomes more and more difficult: the baby does not stay calm for a second, especially not lying back. Do not insist on changing diapers or lying down! Always make the things you need where they will be really clean.

We cover ourselves in diapers

Many times it is better on the ground than on a diaper. Open the tap in advance and set the water temperature if you need to flush out the buttocks. Preparations often take longer than the diaper itself. We can test different methods:- Distraction
After a while, everything of interest loses its magic, so we have to add new ones. Little idea: a little coloring book, music games, a pile of pebbles in a plastic bottle in the hands of the baby, in the end a mouth accordion, a spit, a bagpipe in our mouth, we work with a Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve.- Let's include him!
If you are at least a little inclined to co-operate, it is worth considering this. Leave it on the ground, let it bring the new pelvis, towel, cream. You should try to remove the used diaper yourself (if not a pouch). Let's help you pick up a new pelus with questions: where's the front, sometimes the butt, where it's closed.- He'll be playing!
Let's change the diaper for a very agile little one. Let's play it off, catch it, do it as if we can't get the hang of it. Finally, the great eagle puts the little dowel on the ground, its outstretched legs are broken between our thighs, and after it was lightly dismounted and glued to the pelvis, it is just fine! We surrender, let us die.Related articles in diapering:
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