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Prepare for six years of sleep deprivation if you have a baby

Prepare for six years of sleep deprivation if you have a baby

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When asking parents, surely sleeping is one of the hardest things to bear after a baby is born. In addition, it will probably affect our lives longer than we believe.

According to research from Sleep Company, the mother and father will, on average, be able to have a good night's sleep when they start school - that is, they have to sleep for six years!For years, parents cannot rest themselves Mothers are also in a worse position than dads because their baby sleeps much less in their first year, simply because they still count on their little primary carer. The answers showed that mothers slept with an average less than one month before pregnancy (15 minutes after the father), and less than 40 minutes after the first year after childbirth. he was the third childright child. Of course, having more children also meant that moms were "accustomed" to sleep deprivation, meaning the first baby mothers felt worse that they couldn't sleep themselves. Even parents of kindergarten children slept less than before: and the father could sleep 15 minutes more when he was not a child. (via)You may also be interested in:
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