Exposure to high levels of contamination increases the risk of diabetes

Exposure to high levels of contamination increases the risk of diabetes

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Exposing a person to exposure to contamination in the immediate vicinity increases the risk of developing insulin resistance, which may be a hallmark of type 2 diabetes, according to a recent study.

Exposure to high levels of contamination increases the risk of diabetes

According to research published in the journal Diabetes Cancer, Diabetes Development it's not just about genetic factors and lifestyle choices, but also local pollution due to local traffic conditions can contribute to the problem.Anette Peters Professor and staff at Helmholtz Zentrum Munich and his team analyzed data from about 3,000 subjects living in the city of Augsburg and in two surrounding gardens. Each participant underwent interviews, followed by a full-blown examination, which included analysis of the blood to detect insulin resistance and inflammation symptoms. Non-diabetic participants also went through a glucose tolerance test to find out if their glucose metabolism had deteriorated. " , have proven to be particularly sensitive to airborne contamination, "says Professor Peters. According to the expert, all this shows that, in the case of fructose glucose metabolism, flammability is considered to be a very serious risk factor if you have type 2 diabetes. More recent research extra risk factors It also translates into cardiovascular diseases.


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