On your back, belly, or on your side?

On your back, belly, or on your side?

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Once the baby is able to turn around, he or she will find the most appropriate posture for him or her. It's unnecessary to manage it, and it's dangerous to mend your back cover and cover!

If you are moving very smoothly, apply a soft pad to your baby, which prevents the pad from snapping in or out of the canopy.

The backyard is safer

While it is unlikely to turn around, the supine position is the safest one to prevent. The exact causes of the tragedy are unknown, but babies suffering from lichen were found in a prone position. If the tummy is asleep, the exhaled carbon dioxide can accumulate between the nose and the mattress, and, among other things, it may cause the stopping of the vapor. The skull of a baby lying on the back may be temporarily flattened, but the bones are still thin for a long time, and the shape of the head is smaller.

It strengthens lying on its stomach

Orthopedic doctors recommend that two-thirds of the waking time be spent on the baby. This is the basic state of motion: the baby first lifts his head, he leans on his arm, he grabs one of the arms and starts to finish. The abdominal position strengthens the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, chest, and aids in meaningful development, because the baby can discover the world from a later point of view, in the first few weeks introduce belly play time, of course, not after breastfeeding. From a month on, put it on your carpeted blanket. Slide the folded folds over your hips crosswise to support the chest slightly. Lie on your stomach facing it, talk to it, and play a game.

On your back, belly, or on your side?

Support it on this page

If your baby is very full, unpaid, or falls regularly, it may also temporarily lie on the side so that any milk that has fallen back may leak out of the mouth. lies. He will not remain in this position by himself, sooner or later on his stomach or back. Support the backing with a folded blanket or microbead cover.

Raised header

In babies who have premature, reflux, or breathing difficulties, the slightly elevated head may ease the problem. Do not use cushions in the crib, but attach the cerebellum head slightly higher than the foot. Just set a small angle, and the baby will fall down.
  • Put it on your stomach!
  • She's sleeping so much on her stomach!
  • This is how baby develops day after day