Where you get the answer to all your questions: BabaMama Expo 2019 (X)

Where you get the answer to all your questions: BabaMama Expo 2019 (X)

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Come on November 22-24. between Budapest Arena and gather all the important information in just one week!

Where do you get the answers to all your questions: BabaMama Expo 2019 How are you worth eating during your diet? What can you do to make your baby sleep over? Are Washable Diapers Really Working in the 21st Century? Thanks to the Internet today, you can find a solution to any pregnancy or baby care problems in a matter of seconds, but you are always wondering about the source's credibility. You wasted no time in the online space when you are guaranteed to get personalized advice from the best experts at the biggest adventures and baby shows in the country. November 22-24. between the BabaMama Expo 2019 in Budapest Arena, where you can get all the important information in just one week! "The BabaMama Expo was the most basic statement for baby-making. I found direction and direction for the seemingly endless the event featured my later expectations for baby products."(Dуra)" In the fall of 2015, I had a big kiss on her first BabaMama Expum, and the events at the event helped my awareness a lot in the early stages. Here I met the hordozуeszkцzцkkel, I was able to moshatу pelenkбkat, йs termйszet- and bababхrbarбt tisztнtуszereket kйzbe, prуbбlgattam maternity йs szoptatуs ruhбkat, vбsбroltam mellszнvуt, jбtszуszхnyeget jelentхs kedvezmйnnyel I learned of increased vitamin йs бsvбnyianyag szьksйgletrхl the szьlйs utбni idхszakra vonatkozуan also йs I listened to a lot of useful lectures."(Krisztina)" Last year our little baby girl visited New Year's Eve at the event. We really enjoyed all the programs and prizes. We have gained a wealth of useful information, both in the areas of nutrition and baby care. We received advice and suggestions from non-advocates, and it was great to talk to them. With the exhibit we were able to get the necessary things, clothes, accessories for the baby's room, diapers, as well as food for the supplement. Thanks to Expou, we have found the perfect bathing and body polish for our baby's sensitive skin. It was an unforgettable experience, and we would like to be there with our 14-month-old baby again! "(Renbta)If, like Duru, Christina, and Renetta, you want to be thoroughly prepared for your parents' choice, then there is no other option than to visit the country's most adventurous and baby-friendly parents. The BabaMama Expo awaits you at 9,000 square meters this year, with over 200 exhibits and thousands of memorabilia! If you are unsure about breastfeeding, vitamin choices, nutrition, or anything about infant development, you may want to ask a dietitian or baby eye advisor here. Megцrцkнthetitek kisbabбtok mosolyбt a professional babafotуzбs keretйben will dнjmentes szнvhanghallgatбs, szakйrtх trйner elхadбst is йs utбni sportrуl under vбrandуssбg, get acquainted with the best csalбdtбmogatбsi lehetхsйgekkel, there will be a round-table beszйlgetйs Apabloggerekkel known, but the rendezvйny talбlkozhatsz sztбrvendйgйvel year, Vivien Vasvбri too! The smallest members of the family can party at the concerts of the Alma Orchestra, Vilmos Gryllus, Rick Farkashzzi and Tintanyl.For newbie lovers, we are pleased to announce technological innovation at the event: you can take a close-up view of foldable baby strollers, synchronize with your smartphone. From nutrition-friendly kitchen appliances to safety-enhancing smartphones, there will also be cellular banks and natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics available. BabaMama Expo, and the same-ticket sister event KidExpo for Kids Over Three, November 22-24. It is worth checking out the BabaMama Expo website, where you will find in-depth programs and useful visiting tips as well as prize money. Pregnant babies can be particularly rewarded, as this time there is a baby package worth over $ 1 million among the excitement before Christmas!