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Treatment of influenza in childhood

Treatment of influenza in childhood

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Frequently they get the cold with the flu. However, flu symptoms are more severe and can lead to some serious illnesses. But it is rare that most kids will get flu without any major problems.

You need a lot of rest and plenty of fluids

Flu is one of the most common illnesses in the winter months. How do you recognize it? has collected symptoms and treatments for influenza. Let's see the essence!

Symptoms of influenza

  • lбz
  • hidegrбzбs
  • fejfбjбs
  • izomfбjdalom
  • йtvбgytalansбg
  • kцhцgйs
  • torokfбjбs
  • orrfolyбs
  • poisoning and poisoning
  • hasmenйs
  • szйdьlйs
  • fбradtsбg

What should you do if you notice the symptoms of flu in your child?

  • Call your doctor for advice.
  • Provide your child with bed rest.
  • Give her a generous amount of liquid. In infants, often give breast milk, formula, water to older children, fruit juice, tea.
The following gentle remedies also help to alleviate the symptoms:
  • hot bath
  • pбrбsнtбs
  • solution for nasal drops
Never give an antibiotic to your child, be sure to consult your pediatrician for advice!

When to take it to a doctor?

  • If the symptoms get worse.
  • If you cough very hard.
  • If you have difficulty breathing.
  • If you are fetish and your baby is 3 months old or younger.
  • If your neck is stiff.
  • If your head doesn't work.

How can you prevent the flu?

  • Ask your pediatrician what you think of the flu vaccine.
  • Try to avoid the large masses of communities during a flu outbreak.
  • Wash hands frequently.
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