A super trick to reassure a gullible kid

A super trick to reassure a gullible kid

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Often the simplest methods seem to be the most successful, as far as reassuring the gullible children is concerned. For example, a mom raised her distraction to a new level.

When a small child gets a hysterical attack, he is often incapable of cooperation, simply because he is completely overwhelmed by feelings. Amanda, a mamiblog news host, a mother of two, realized that her little son was completely in despair when he asked him to unload the screen because he thought he had to disassemble the work he had been working on for days. "She was so sad and upset that she couldn't think. She was so upset that she was incapable of calming down, so I couldn't explain to her exactly what she wanted. "That way you can distract the little kid
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Amanda for one invented a quick game to the little boy: he asked to look around the room and look for some blue stuff. By having to focus on something else, we calmed down and finally we were able to talk about what to pack. "When we are sad or upset, the primitive part of the brain takes control, so we become completely captivated by our senses. dominance over the brain, "Amanda explains. "We can help this shift by focusing our attention and thinking on something else." light switch, or whisper instead of shouting. Utбna let's give him a task: search for certain colored objects, three soft toys, name animals that start with the letter B. You don't have to be complicated, it's just to train your brain! (Via)Also worth reading:
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