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Children often disappear when traveling

Children often disappear when traveling

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Small and large conflicts between toddlers and childless children are common, according to a recent survey on

The excess would only transport the baby over half the age. Almost every 100th child has lost a child, even though the sleeper has been found a little by the housekeeping rottweiler.

They don't like toddlers

One parent in Hat received a number of negative reactions when he or she brought a small child for birth. The majority would not carry babies younger than half a year, and a quarter of those without children would prefer to see only one year old in their accommodation. "Most of the time, parents with small children only get disdainful glimpses, and less often the advice of other parents is given," said Zoltán Varga, Managing Director of
Pets are the least tolerant of howling or loud children. At the same time, public breastfeeding also seems to be a taboo: this is considered by the research community to be the largest source of conflict. "Few people have received negative feedback because of this, because most of them try to solve the problem of feeding the baby," explained Zoltán Varga. Parents' most delicate travel conditions are mostly related to violations of hygiene rules. "For example, they wrote about having a baby in the basin, or having a baby in the basement." vezetхje.

I need a feeder and a baby

Even with the baby, I always miss the special furniture and equipment for the accommodation. "We were repeatedly told that in the high season there was not enough feeding in the restaurants, or that they were given a baby-friendly trip instead of a sloppy baby. Zoltбn.

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However, about 20 percent of toddlers want more baby programs, facilities for recreation, such as playgrounds, paddling, or small activities. For every tenth parent, it would make a lot of sense for us to have a qualified childcare supervisor on whom we could hire a child for each hour. "Several of my friends indicated that they had no such service, so they decided to hire a couple if the young couple wanted to stay alone for a while," added the director of

Once upon a time, the child disappears

At present, around one third of the facilities apply specific rules for young children. For example, the use of a duvet is obligatory in almost every area with a swimming pool, and it is typically requested in guesthouses that children should not be fed or cared for. "The most common, often unspoken, requirement is that parents don't leave their children unattended, but it's harder to keep up with them during the holidays," said the director of
Almost every 100th child has lost a child. Based on the choices of the parents, it is often the case that at the beach / bathtub the parents strike their parents with a stranger, or something interesting enough to distract them. "They found sleeping children near the housekeeping rottweiler or underneath the draped tablecloth. And in the hotel, the elevator often helps the children disappear," said Zoltán Varga.