You live in the newborn class

You live in the newborn class

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Sleeping in a new class is a blend of happiness and solitude, pride and service. When my third son was born, I could do it all over again.

You live in the newborn class

I see the ceiling and try to stay patient. Three hours have passed since my wedding, and I can barely move. I think about the day - many times. It's so good that my baby was born!Nagycsalбd
- Mammy! I brought the little Bron! Can you breastfeed? - The nurse holds my delicate little Susu's newborn. Together with him we are big family! My God, but he is victorious! I'll feed you, sweetie! - Just be careful not to get the baby trapped. - says the newman. Don't I put my child on it? - Yeah, I'll take care - I reply innocently. I feed Picikeme, so I have a hard time turning around. - How urgent do you seem to me to be! - there is a friendly voice from across the room. We are six, the happy mother of two boys and two girls.Szilvi
With purple silk pajamas, long dark hair and large gold hoop earrings, it stands out amongst cotton mesh shirts and has a special effect on the white fabric of the home. - I didn't want any more kids, Jancsi came "accidentally". But now I'm going to commit myself, I just need to persuade my brother to agree. - The pretty Roma young woman It hangs over the baby now she was born with her little little Jancsi. - I'm afraid of going home because so many people come to visit me at home that I can't rest. Unfortunately, it is so common for us, it does not matter that I am tired or that the baby is small. The family is big and everyone wants to congratulate them right away.Fogsбgban
I can eat dinner in a couple of hours. In the morning, I'm fasting for the operation, so a royal feast with dry curd cheese comes on. Whoops - I dropped my cheese but I can't post it because the infusion I was taking is trapped. Segнtsйg! Someone! My dinner dropped!Anna Mari
The black-haired, black-eyed, friendly woman is resting next to her baby girl. - Yesterday I went to bed, and in the morning the cobblestones started. We came in, the butter was going well, but it stuck and the baby never moved. A quick, instant cup came next. Little Isabella has thick black hair just like her mother's. On his spherical face, the tip of the upper lip is red. - When her baby handed over the baby after the play, she said, "Mom, this baby has been tricked by the stupid." She wanted to make a joke, but I think she was appalled that my baby was in the face with my stomach too. The young woman says it was thanks to years spent in the nursing home that she saw everything as "the average person." - I realize I didn't have to watch my parents wrestle drunk for years. I was good at home, the kids were very good at loving each other. Whoever wants to, stays in the place of life, without raising a family. My brother and I overwhelmed our house, now we have our second baby, nothing is missing.Tisztбn
At two o'clock in the morning, a lovely nurse got up and showered us. It's not good to be nervous, but you have to move after surgery. Every centimeter is newer, but every inch of power. Our pains are with the girls, and then we are relieved, and slowly everyone is ready.Dуra
A thin, talkative girl with a first-born mother who worries about every little thing. Nerves are constantly getting insecure, so they seem very nervous. - Everything will be home. My mom comes in and she tells me how to do it. Unfortunately, I can't count on my parents' parents, my dad is dead, my mother's mother went to work in America, and she forgot to come home. He found a rich man there, and he was alive. He bought everything for Bernie a few months ago, even though he sent the diaper and the butt cloth as well as it could not be bought here. It would be more if he came home and saw his cousin and his son…Pihenйs
- Mom, Fever! the night's New Year's Eve burst into the room. - Measure their bones, and if somebody has, give birth! - The door slams shut, the baby hurries because she has to check all the little ones before shifting. None of us were flabbergasted, but the babies woke up. Soothing, breastfeeding, and then silence. We would just fall asleep when the litter tossed in a large garbage can. Drop the nylon jacket: in the room, into the bathroom, then into the other trash can, ending up in the hallway. Leave the door open so you can hear the eyes falling into the moving container. It's three-quarter-six in the morning.Zsuzsa
The seventeen-year-old granddaughter seems very happy with her baby. Marciru takes care of the motherly devotion to the birth of the child. - I got a lot of contemptuous glances during my pregnancy, but the strangest thing was when an unknown rider came up to me on the street and commented on my "kind of girl". He said that when he was as old as him, he didn't even know the boys. It is true that I am very young, but I am so cute for this baby! Husband, I give her everything she needs and the point is i will love it very much! Why do people come over and you would meet this woman again, and I would tell her that I was very good at listening to my urges! I'm glad that despite the fact that the whole world wanted to talk about the baby, I didn't let myself go and gave birth to Marci! - I believe her, she's going to be a mom. They knock, Marci's father came. Together young family, happy.Visit
- Moms, pack them up, because high water is coming soon, and the dentist doesn't like to see the bed or the wardrobe messy! Do the trunks and the dressing, adjust the linen! - the nurse has instructed us. It's hard to find a place for wet clothes in a small wardrobe, but if that's the order, you have to. - Are you okay, Mom? Everybody was a pet? - Put a check mark on the card, we had the big water. The trunks and the towels can go to bed again, and we get stuck in the stuffed beds.Kriszti
Real "simple" woman: strong, heartwarming, quiet. Two weeks before birth, it was revealed that she had been having a baby because she had been hiding it for nine months. He says he didn't know about the pregnant, growing belly he initially thought was a bladder problem, then a tumor. "There's nothing outside Fireworks, what about this baby?" - the wizard asks, and tells me that Kriszti's husband is unemployed, and the other three children are barely able to support him. I mentioned to Christina that you could deliver a baby if you weren't expecting that much. It would be a better place for them, as they have daily livelihood problems! But he is not worried, he is happy and looks at Imik, there is a phrase in his mind that "everything is going to happen now".Lбtogatбs
Dйlutбnonkйnt the corridor is full. The mother could push the babies to the door of the gym. Visitors are welcomed over the baby. - Do not grab or take it! - Speaks a note from the back, so relatives try to put on a close cover to touch at least the fresh face. The braver ones secretly hand over the baby. Either way, we have something for the nurse. - It is impossible for me not to hold my child for five days! says a dad. Visitors arrive at everyone's doorstep, which is really shared. - Mom, the most important thing is to relax. Visitors just fuck moms and babies! - says the newman. - You'll be able to talk to dads at home, that's where the balance of the dads is! Anyway, the visit is over! - strictly instructing me, but this time I will not let myself go and reassure me that the dad is the key to the new mother's "balance". In the hope of a settlement, I would recall that in this situation he too would want a social company. The pet does not understand that. - Mammy! Here's the house policy, the visiting time has expired! - I think it makes no sense to win any further. I'm gonna sell my brother. Let's look at the outlook so that the hospital staff can see it.The nerve
- Three times in one week, four times in the other week, and barely looking for anything. The class is always full, we run from room to room all day, getting more and more work. With six to eight births a day, everyone needs to be nurtured. The administration and the tip! They always come up with something new, very difficult to follow - says the nurse with a tiny, sleeping baby. He opens the faucet and, under the water, bathes my dear Picnic. "Anything else at home will be," I say to myself, dressing up the shaky little body.Hazafelй
- Mommy, Bron's final report, they can go home! - It's not that difficult to move, I start moving quickly. I say goodbye to my roommate. It is strange that our lives, even unknown, have been connected for five days. We have to go. Our brains are not ours anymore, we need a place for others, and many are born today. Now I have my baby. As we step out onto the street, I feel the fresh scent of February air. I'm happy.


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