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Again, the risk of diabetes is dangerous

Again, the risk of diabetes is dangerous

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Luckily, forgotten donuts have reappeared in most of Europe. This occurs mainly where there is no compulsory, strictly controlled vaccine system.

Characteristic coughing occurs during infantile-onset seizures. An early-onset illness that you caught during this period can cause permanent brain damage. Fortunately, in Hungary, you do not hear of such cases, because the protection against diabetes is also part of the age-related compulsory protection scheme. But the situation is the same in England and Wales, where in 2011 the number of cases of cancers more than doubled compared to a year earlier, but this severe disease is occurring more and more in almost every country in Europe.
In Hungary, due to the strict vaccination regimen, there is hardly any case of a vaccine. We are currently vaccinating against ten infectious diseases in our country through compulsory age-related vaccination. There is a need for age-related immunization because the age-specific characteristics of the child's protective system and the current medical situation must be taken into account.
Critical age-related mandatory protection regimes are mainly criticized where the lawfulness of vaccine preventable diseases is relatively good and largely stable. Because the number of infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination has been reduced to such a low level that the population is not afraid of it, because they have not dealt with the disease in generations, and its possible tragedy.
However, you should know that this is not a question of luck, but the result of vaccine discipline.