They were breastfeeding

They were breastfeeding

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The flashmob genre got a new meaning when a large team of moms started breastfeeding at one of Manchester's busy shopping centers, Trafford, to highlight the importance of breastfeeding.

The event was organized during the Breastfeeding Week organized by the English Social Security (NHS). Many mothers lost their couple, so the presence of the father increased the weight of the couple. Proud moms have settled down the central stairway in front of people who are anxious to call attention to the benefits of breastfeeding.
A 18 years, Manchester Jade Fitzmartin he said, "It's great to be together, to do such an important job as breastfeeding. It was very exciting to be a part of the flashmob, even though under normal circumstances, I have to choose every room that is breastfeeding. "Alison Healey Organizers have talked about the benefits of breastfeeding, that the breastfeeded baby is less likely to be ill, less diarrhea or upper respiratory disease, eczema, and the baby's immune system is stronger. Breastfeeding, for example, helps the mother to lose weight after childbirth, but we know for some time that it is also important in preventing certain cancers.
Gordon McKinnon, director of the Trafford Center for Revenue, said:
"The bevбsбrlуkцzpontunk csalбdbarбt, tбmogatjuk full mйrtйkben szoptatу anyukбkat. If this kйnyelmes йs vбgynak quiet place behъzуdhatnak the szoptatуs szobбk egyikйbe but ugyanнgy breastfeed the legtцbb nyilvбnos place йs this bolttulajdonosaink also egyetйrtenek." The organization of video films kйszнtett the nyilvбnos szoptatбs elfogadtatбsбйrt .


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