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Steps to the third trimester

Steps to the third trimester

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How do you feel, anyway, ruthless? Does your tummy bother you? Here are some tips for what is best for both of you in the third trimester of your pregnancy.

You may have fallen into peace during the third trimester, unless your baby has something explicit. Stop, however, if you feel like they are uncomfortable with each other, even afterwards. You can choose from the following, but of course you can change them all at once.

Kifli, cannabis

Lie sideways in the shape of a letter "C" and your partner should be behind your back and penetrate like this. Pleasant, comfortable and very intimate this posture.

Next to each other

Lie down next to each other and face each other. Your partner slides your way and find a nail to break into.

You're up

This position is one of the most comfortable and best in terms of dictating the pace. The size of your tummy, and what your partner might think for a second, is beautiful or so!

The bed is wide

Lie on your bed with your face on the bed and your foot on the floor. Your partner should stand or lean on you. Just be careful not to penetrate very deep.

Get in the door

If you are not stable enough, you can do it on the floor. Your couple should enter you from behind, but as in the previous version, make sure not to penetrate too far.You may also be interested in these articles: