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Refrigeration: Tips for Prevention and Easier Refrigeration

Refrigeration: Tips for Prevention and Easier Refrigeration

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Apparently, it is very difficult to avoid colds, and the little ones can catch the nasal discharge up to 10 times a year. However, observing some basic rules can reduce the incidence of fungal diseases.

If the baby is cold

Why is it important to wash?

The viruses that cause it enter the body through the mucous membrane, so regular washing can be very helpful in avoiding a cold. Because children often lick their eyes and rub their eyes, they need to be accustomed to frequent and thorough washing at a young age. As soon as this goes without them, be sure to use the paper handkerchief only once, not collect it, throw it away immediately.

Unless you go it alone

The smaller the child, the worse the nasal congestion is: babies are particularly in trouble, because when the nasal passages are blocked, they cannot sleep or suck properly. If you breathe through the mouth, unfiltered and cold air flows into the airways, which can cause further problems. you can start. Therefore, proper nasal cleansing should be encouraged from the age of 4-5 years. In these cases, the nose or the appropriate, nifty but effective nasal drops may come out, which will require the advice of a pediatrician. No matter how many parents you are, even the nose is very important and - we emphasize - an unsafe tool for thorough cleaning of the baby's nose. Because its use can induce healing of the duodenum for further elective production, it should only be used for as long as is absolutely necessary. Experience has shown that children become accustomed to nasal use after a while, and occasionally they feel that they have nasal congestion. it is not necessary. However, if the runny nose drifts for days, the color of the wishes will turn pale, turn yellow, the cough will not subside, the child will be depressed, barely eaten and fucked, we should definitely consult a doctor. In this case, it is assumed that the cold caused by the viruses is a bacterial disease - otitis media, pharyngitis, catarrh and so on. - may have developed.

Flame Retardation: When Is It Necessary?

Up to 39 degrees there is no absolute need for medicated flame retardant, as fever indicates the organization's defensive processes - this is a professional recommendation from the 2011 edition. According to the professional protocol, only the 3 months younger baby fall under other scrutiny: cases 38 degrees to start the fever quenching.In addition to the drug quench, there is an alternative solution: hыtхfьrdх. Put it in a little water that is equal to your body heat and lower it gradually over a period of 10 minutes to a maximum of 31 degrees. If the little one is uncomfortable, then we certainly did something wrong. It is by no means fine if the little one is shivering. If you do not place it in cold water and do not chill it too quickly or too cold, the bath should not, in principle, cause any unpleasant moments to the bath.priznic) can be very annoying to the little ones, so avoid it. Flame retardation and other spoonful medicine may be needed if the child's fever, even in the face of the cold bath, continues to rise.It should be added that there is not much cooling or littering on the outside, because it is a question of efficiency, so keep the patient in the best interests of the patient. In case of high fever it is recommended nocturnal medication for cerebral palsy too. It is important to know that the body temperature finally measured is 0.5 degrees higher than that measured in the armpit or oral cavity. Today, there are more practical and sophisticated tools available: digital or foam meters show the exact values ​​after a short time.


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