Children's Rise: What Causes It?

Children's Rise: What Causes It?

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We have collected some among the possible causes. We try to avoid these to prevent any unpleasant abdominal complaints.

The presence of baskets is a completely normal phenomenon in both adults and children. (Adults usually lose 2 liters a day on average.) In most cases, this shouldn't be a problem unless your child complains about a mild uncomfortable sensation. . However, if your little three complains of stomach more than once a day, or if you have other problems (such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever), you should definitely consult your pediatrician. In this case, you may be facing a more serious "disease" (eg, food allergy, lactose intolerance). How Do I Find Out What Causes My Baby to Rise? There are many causes of digestive problems. Wondering:

Running around eating

Many parents try to get their child to eat a snack and try to put something in the mouth of a kid running around the house. "This is not a good idea at all. If the kid is playing or running around eating food, the excitement swallows more air as neededthat can get stuck in the gut, "he explains Michael Hart The other thing is that children usually eat faster when playing or exercising, and do not swallow enough to eat, which can lead to swelling. (You can swallow up to half!) Also bad habit of eating for the father, because in that case the little one is not listening to the food, that's why you can easily carry yourselfwhich is another reason for abdominal pain. So always bring your child to the table, be warned to properly eat food, and eat slowly and patiently. Explain to her that once she's done, she can stand up and go play.

They eat too much fiber and / or junk food

Some children are more sensitive to fatty or high-fiber foods (eg muesli, french fries). Observe which foods complain of abdominal pain and try to eliminate them from your diet. You can also call out the pediatrician's council in this topic.

He says a lot

It is found in sugar-free rubbers йdesнtхszerek some children find it difficult to digest. They get stuck in the colon and are virtually fermented. The other problem with being attractive is that the small one absorbs more air in the middle, which can also cause bloating problems.

Certain greens cause the problem

Similarly, children may develop problems with certain tendencies to grow up, such as beans, broccoli or cauliflower. If your child is willing to eat something like that, that's great, but let's make sure we don't put too much of this on the board under the heading of how healthy it is.

Lick the fruit juice

Many parents override the beneficial effects of fruit juices. Where the small daily drink a glass more, in many cases, it is enough to cause inflation. There are also children who find it difficult to digest fruit juice fructose and saccharose. This can cause gassing and even diarrhea, not to mention the fact that your baby's teeth are actually sugar. Ideally, you would have one Children aged 3 to 2-2.5 decin would not drink more fruit juice a day.

It consumes a lot of htd

Carbonic acid drinks contain phosphoric acid, which can lead to excessive gas production and digestive problems. These sweet drinks often also make you feel full, so the little one will not drink enough water and milk, and may not be willing to eat or eat, which will prevent them from getting the vitamins and essentials they need. Try to limit your consumption of these drinks and leave them for special occasions, such as the birthday party. What can cause swelling in a child?

Do not drink enough water

Water will not lose its bloating, but it can be very dull for problems with acne, which can also cause abdominal complaints. Make sure that your child also drinks enough water during the day, in addition to fruits and milk, which they prefer to consume.Other useful articles on abdominal weight:
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