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Top 10 most common emergency emergencies

Top 10 most common emergency emergencies

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Here's a list of common complaints and what you need to do to prevent more serious problems. Fortunately, you are much more likely to be involved in carefree baby fun!

Top 10 most common emergency emergencies


You are A brownish-brown bleeding every little kid was horrified. This is often accompanied by a sensation in the waist or lower abdomen.
Frequency Bleeding in the first third is a fairly common problem. It is estimated that at least thirty percent of pregnancies result in miscarriage, often before the expectant mother recognizes her pregnancy.
Cause Most of the time it's not clear. It can be an infection, a hormone deficiency, a genetic disorder of the fetus, but it can also cause bleeding, such as an abnormality in the mumps or a poorly adherent mold.
What does the doctor do? First, it checks by ultrasound to see if the fetus is still alive or if there is any extra pregnancy that causes the bleeding. When all the results are calmed down, you usually give a medicine or a thumb up. To combat infection, he recommends antibiotics, solubilizing magnesium and, if necessary, gestagen hormone.
What can a pregnant woman do? Contact a doctor immediately if you experience bleeding.
What about the baby? If the pregnancy persists, there is no need to count fetal damage, however abundant the bleeding may be.

Open mussel without blemishes

Tьnetek Most of the time there is no detectable symptom, only your doctor will take you through the monthly routine exam.
Frequency Rare, but more common in older women.
Cause Unknown, presumably follicular weakness, previous abortion, or old-fashioned morbidity or scar may be the cause of mumps deficiency.
What does the doctor do? Every month, he examines the condition of the moth either by internal examination or by ultrasound. When it is open, it is her responsibility to decide if she is enough to rest her mother or to spend the baby sitting.
What can a pregnant woman do? Avoid places with a higher risk of infection than, for example, public swimming pools. Try to relax a lot more, if possible, by shaking your feet and abdomen more often to relieve the stomach.
What about the baby? These include the risk of infection and premature birth.


Symptoms Generally you have no discernible symptoms. It can only be detected by a blood test.
Frequency About half of people become infected during childhood. If the mother receives the infection in the first trimester, then there is a risk of severe fetal injury. The rate of infection is higher, but the severity of the events is lower.
Cause Most cats, dogs, or mice that go outdoors have the disease. Raw meat or unwashed, contaminated near-surface fruits can cause disease.
What does the doctor do? In Hungary, bloodshed is not required unless the expectant mother is at increased risk. If you are found to be suffering from a toxoplasmosis infection, the antibiotic will reduce the risk of developing the disease.
What can a pregnant woman do? Wash your hands frequently, wash your greens and fruits thoroughly, and never clean your cat's toilet.
What about the baby? Infection during pregnancy can be the result of severe heart disease, such as cerebral palsy, liver enlargement, retinitis, and mental retardation.


Symptoms Unhealthy hitherto unnoticed pregnancy hormones may start to increase and depending on location, size can cause pain, discomfort.
Frequency is rare in association with pregnancy.
Cause The malignant tumor of the smooth muscle of the male is not well known for its causes.
What does the doctor do? You are not treated or operated on during pregnancy, but your doctor may recommend resting or lying down to your baby. More attention should be paid to postpartum hemorrhage, as ours prevent muscle contraction.
What can a pregnant woman do? Nothing, but it's good to remind your doctor of your presence at birth. What about the baby? If myoma is located on the lower part of the stomach, there is a greater chance of a cupping.

Pregnant hypertension

Symptoms The mildest form of edema (swelling all over the body) can be a lot of problems with high blood pressure and the presence of whites in the urine. Unsustainably high blood pressure can cause a seizure, a life-threatening condition, and the presence of high levels of white in the urine may indicate kidney failure.
Gyakorisбg First of all, we found severe toxemia in pregnant, young women.
Cause Hormonal and immunological changes in pregnancy cause this dangerous condition, which can become more severe by the end of the third trimester.
What does the doctor do? It can give drugs for mild fluid and high blood pressure. If the symptoms become severe, the pregnancy should usually be discontinued.
What can a pregnant woman do? Call your doctor for signs of udder.
What about the baby? Toxemia is primarily a risk to the mother, generally not harmful to the fetus, and may cause low birth weight or premature birth.


Symptoms Causes with inflammation of the kidneys, severe painful stomach pains, possibly accompanied by burns and chills. Suddenly, a pregnant woman feels a lot more urine, but it is very painful for her to pee.
Gyakorisбg Rare. It typically occurs in the second thirdwhen the fetal weight is hard on the kidneys. Special care should be taken if the baby has a history of renal pelvic inflammation or kidney problems.
Cause The urine does not pass beyond the bladder.
What does the doctor do? Ultrasound shows the location of the occlusion. Prescribing an antibiotic may often require catheterization.
What can a pregnant woman do? Seek medical attention with any severe seizures, alternating painful urinary problems.
What about the baby? Do not alert him / her only if the seizures start premature.

Pregnant Diabetes

Tьnetek Often it does not cause any symptoms, and only to pages 25-28. weekly, everyone is recommended to filter out the problem at screening time.
Frequency The number of pregnancies is three to three.
Cause Baby blood is associated with hormonal changes that can predispose to diabetes. You can repeat it on another pregnancy.
What does the doctor do? She regularly checks her blood sugar levels and sends a baby to a dietitian who makes serious dietary changes. It determines what to eat and when to do it - just as it does with currency diabetes. Insulin treatment may also be needed if the values ​​do not improve with the diet.
What can a pregnant woman do? Keep an eye on your schedule, as you have to count the same events as those with some diabetes. It is good to keep your diet for a while after childbirth, and afterwards you often control your blood sugar level because you are at greater risk of developing some form of diabetes.
What about the baby? In untreated diabetes, fetal blood glucose levels will be higher than normal, as sugar will pass through the lining. However, after childbirth, blood sugar levels drop sharply, are more prone to seizures, and abnormally high birth weight is more common.

Vaginal infections

Tьnetek The color of the vagina changes (will turn brownish-yellow) and smell (will have an unpleasant odor). Often itchy, stinging, stinging sensation.
Frequency During pregnancy, the majority of complaints are caused by vaginal infections.
Cause Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, there is an increase in the number of vaginal discharges, a decrease in the risk of malaise, and this facilitates the proliferation of patients.
What does the doctor do? Various tests (pH measurement, smear test, cultivation) try to clear up the cause of the complaints and, if necessary, use medication.
What can a pregnant woman do? It is important to pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands before and after using the toilet. It prevents the use of vaginal pads because they weaken the natural capacity of the vagina.
What about the baby? Rising infections can cause premature birth.

Lack of power

Symptoms If your baby is not getting enough nutrients, then it slows or stops its growth, the amount of amniotic fluid decreases, and, in severe cases, less amniotic fluid movement.
Frequency Severe forms are relatively uncommon.
Cause Leaf aging is a natural process. However, life span can be shortened by high blood pressure, untreated gestational diabetes, tobacco smoke or helplessness.
What does the doctor do? Ultrasound examines fetal growth, movement, and the condition of the placenta.
What can a pregnant woman do? Follow your doctor's treatment recommendations! Sometimes with abundant fluid consumption, a lot of rest can stop the process.
What about the baby? Pregnancy causes abortion in the first half, and premature birth in the later stages. Low birth weight is more common.

Streptococcal B

Tьnetek Generally does not cause symptoms. An unpleasant vaginal discharge may occur.
Frequency It is estimated that fifteen to twenty percent of pregnant women carry the bacterium in their body, but only one in two cases develop infections in the newborn.
Cause The streptococcal bacterium can settle in the vagina any time, and medication does not ensure that it does not reappear in short periods.
What does the doctor do? It is not mandatory in Hungary, but many physicians perform it in the 36-37. weekly around the strainer. If this is positive, in some hospitals, the mother of the baby is given an antibiotic at birth, which is likely to protect the newborn from the onset of the event, but this is not a surefire method. The newborn can also be tested and, if positive, the newborn can receive antibiotics to prevent the onset of the disease.
What can a pregnant woman do? Remember the baby doctor, the baby nurse, that they found this bacterium.
What about the baby? Without treatment, the bacterium can cause serious and life-threatening illnesses.
Specialist: dr. Бgota Babbinsky is a specialist in maternity hospital
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