Remember only the beautiful?

Remember only the beautiful?

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We carefully and conscientiously do everything to distract the child and try to do all the good things with our crouch so that he has no bad memories of childhood.

The parents of a couple of month old babies spend a lot of time smiling at the baby. Of course, in this age, in spite of all the parents' efforts, there are often squeaky situations when the little one shouts because he is full of pelus, hungry or just bored. However, according to a recent study, remember the happy momentslike the bad ones.Ross Flom, a researcher at Brigham Young University recently published a study on Infant Behavior and Development cнmы. "Some are examining infant's learning memory, some are manifestations of emotional effects, but we are the first to learn how feelings affect memory," he explains. that such a small child what you remember, a bit harder task than testing what a big cat lurk or an adult can remember. Because the researchers couldn't ask the baby questions, they studied the little eyes and studied how long they looked at a particular subject. The researchers sought to Emotional bonding add to the images, and we have been examining whether this affects the memory.

Babies remember good things

The babies were placed in a locked room where there was nothing but a television screen. An adult appeared in the cape and spoke to the baby. The adult's expression and voice was bitter, kind or neutral. Once the adult had finished speaking, disappeared from the screen and replaced with a geometric shape. After the practice phase, the geometric shapes emlйkezйst tested on the baby for five minutes and one day. During the examination, the learned shapes were shown parallel to the new shapes. The eye movement was recorded, and the researchers calculated how much time the babies spent looking at the shapes they were already known for. It was expected that the dolls would spend more time with the awe of the new shapes than the known ones. " positive sentiment because of this increase in the observer's ability of the babies, "explains Flom. shapes that have been linked to the kind sounds. In particular, an independent Montreal study first year of life memories of heard language patterns come years later, which can combine two theories to use a nice voice the memoir can be improved. Further research is needed to understand how children can profit from this in the short term.
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