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Could it be a layer more?

Could it be a layer more?

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Fools ask what kind of clothes to give the child. In our setup we present two ensembles, one for boys and one for girls.

When the time comes to spring, there is a particular problem with moving. It's too cold, it's too hot. The kid makes things worse: it's hard to pick, shit. In our setup, we show ensembles that can be easily combined, any time you can peel back or pick up a layer.

Run to the playground

skirt with stockings (3490 Ft FF)
cap 2790 Ft (Okaidi)
blъz $ 2990 (Brendon)
breastplate 3190 Ft (Brendon)
kabбt 9590 Ft (Okaidi)
shoes 3990 Ft (Okaidi)

I play with games!

cap 1990 Ft (Brendon)
shoes 1990 Ft (FF)
kendy 899 Ft (Brendon)
shirt £ 5 (FF)
bust 5290 Ft (Okaidi) below
waistcoat 8890 Ft (Okaidi)
nadrбg 5290 Ft (Okaidi)