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Chicken leg patty with brown rice in yogurt

Chicken leg patty with brown rice in yogurt

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With the peach jar you can make a lot of delicacies for the family and just need some care so that the baby can get it.

Chicken leg fried in yogurt with brown rice

  • chicken leg so fillet
  • a glass of yogurt
  • a chick brown rice or millet
  • a box of peaches
  • 5 deca butter

  • Stir-fried, stuffed chicken leg in yoghurt over at least two or three urns, then fry. In the middle, we cook a slice of brown rice until soft. The meat is cut into thin strips, topped with rice and drained peach. Leave the salt on the end so that the baby can take a portion before watering.

    Cut the filet chicken leg into pieces

    Outside baby three cannabis rice, two wall and two apricots цsszeturmixolunk. You can give from seven to eight months.More chicken ideas:
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