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80 Percent Of Women Are Infected By The Most Simple Method To Remove HPV Virus

80 Percent Of Women Are Infected By The Most Simple Method To Remove HPV Virus

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Every year, 1,500 women receive a positive medical report, but many aspire to cancer. Today, a simple test can help you find out whether someone is carrying the virus, and thus endangering yourself and others.

80% of women get infected at least once

Although the HPV virus is the second most common cause of cervical cancer, can lead to many cancersHPV (human papillomavirus) is transmitted sexually, and the infected person may remain asymptomatic for up to 1-2 years in the body of the infected person, but fortunately the immune system can fight the infection. If this fails, within 5 to 20 years, the virus may develop benign or malignant skin lesions. While some types cause cancer, HPV is almost 100% responsible for the development of cervical cancer, 85% is responsible for malignancy, and 15% is responsible for head and neck cancers (eg pharynx). After breast cancer, the cervical cancer is the second most common malignancy in women under the age of 45. As sex life and viral infections are mostly treated as taboo, you should also treat family fraud. I was shocked, but 80% of women become infected with the virus at least once in their lives. We think that this problem only affects young people who are often switching to sexual intercourse, but the fact is that men, and even menopausal men, can carry the virus after menopause. According to data from Hungary in 1999, the prevalence of HPV in women under 20 is 32%, then steadily decreasing over 42 to 10.2%. " Although it is well known that cervical cancer has a very high mortality rate, many still consider it to be a medical examination, uncomfortable and well-served, but it is still worth solving today. .With the Classic Feminine Cancer HPV Exam, You Can Get Today a so-called HPV test at home too. It is easy to find out if the affected woman carries the HPV virus. Examination of a sample taken at home is a professional test in a laboratory, "he said. Dr. Mencta BenczikProfessionals do not have the ability to emphasize the importance of regular cervical cancer. Past years research has shown that screening protocols, which include HPV detection, offer a higher degree of security based on a traditional, purely cytological examination. A positive test will alert you to whether the subject carries any of the HPV types considered to be high risk for the cervix. The method is well-established in Western Europe, the United States, sampling is simpler than applying a tampon, and the test is well suited for HPV detection. Professionals recommend that you want to be confident in the fight against the HPV virus, regularly come for a flip-flop, submit to an HPV vaccine, and have an HPV exam.
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