Fél Eurуpa is a psychiatric patient!

Fél Eurуpa is a psychiatric patient!

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And it's not too cheap! Although only one third of those in need are treated, the cost is € 386 billion per year. We can still do it in childhood!

It seems that the European atmosphere is not conducive to souls, according to a research. The data is alarming: with a small fire, forty percent of people can be called overweight or less severe psychiatric patients.
The most common is panic disease, which affects 14 percent of the population. Then there are 7 percent of sleep depression and depression, and more than 4 percent of people are alcohol or drug addicts. There are 30 percent of the dementia aged 85 and 5 percent of the population under 17. It is this latter data that may be of interest from the point of view of prevention. Because diseases of the soul not only hurt adults, but they also have no history.
The most interesting and forward-looking question is what appears to these illnesses in childhood, and what predisposes them to factors. The United States Science Academy's research team has also investigated this request, with data from over 1,000 New Zealand and 500 British twin pairs.
Their results show that it may appear for three years if something is wrong. Namely, in the younger psychiatric patients, the average population is much more likely to have early childhood attention disorder, hyperactivity and aggressive behavior that is difficult to manage. When these children grow up, they are more likely to have financial difficulties, more often than not to have problems with their health, more often to have problems with their health, and also for their illnesses.

The first warning sign

Even small babies are not the same. While one is great at clearing up and looking at the world intently, the other is thoroughly killing his parents: he shakes a lot, reacts hyper-responsively to the slightest changes in the agenda, restlessly, leaning. According to the researchers, these are the signs that deserve more careful attention from the outset, as they may indicate that the child's tears are extremely low.

Believe me, your child is not nervous

Later, you seem to be unable to deal patiently and persistently with games that require more attention, persistence, and other players are lightly overwhelmed by the gameplay.

My baby is like this!

Could it be that your heart has come to you because researchers have been referring to your own child as well? They don't eat so hot, though! Life is complicated enough to think a little longer about the causes. It is important that you find good advice and professionals in such situations to help you deal with difficult situations. March is a big step forward if you make yourself aware your child is unintentionally annoyed, does not make it directly.
With crying and violence, you have become even more anxious about the desire that causes him much suffering, even when he executes his "doom" with a grin. According to experts, the first step may be to acquire self-control. You can find help here, in the Baby Room, and play with your child.
Small beasts can also be helped a lot by being replaced by a demonstrable calm instead of the usual irritating reaction and yelling, thus breaking the vicious circle that would cause another malice.
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