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Trendy baby stuff - and what's on the table

Trendy baby stuff - and what's on the table

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Interesting novelty, wistful nonsense, useful accessory, sparkling new ideas and design - almost everyone has an opinion and experience of fashionable baby holly. Do you need someone who advances with age or is there life without it?

Of course, the question is only very serious, because for life, especially in breast-feeding, breastfeeding is enough. But for many of us, the question is: is the little amber necklace that almost every baby and toddler's neck really has? And do you want to spend half a million on a Stokke stroller? Anyone could go on to list them, but let's see what we're stumbling upon when we hunt for trends!

Sophie toothpick
The tooth will reliably last for two years, so once you come in to something that helps the tooth, it will be a blockbuster success. Even if it is a simple, polished rubber. What an incredible recipe made from natural rubbers, based on a secret recipe, is based on Sophie's name: Given that it has a small, baby-friendly, rubbery-headed rubber giraffe, it's priced at thousands of forints, but no one knows for sure what a made dinner party is. As it turns out from some lewd descriptions, we can still conceive of many senses as a developmental tool. You can read about the story here.

Amber toothpicks
I don't even know if it is possible to have a modern amber necklace that has toothless teeth ... . But we don't know what would have happened if he hadn't. Certainly, amber is a beautiful natural plant substance, the cured blood resin of the tree, if you like, there is something terrifying about the fact that there are over a million annual substances. The little balls are made by hand, so each is a little different. This is in itself a good suggestion to those who despise and love the dozens of things that are natural. In addition, amber has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, due in part to the release of natural volatile oils due to the release of natural oils,
Stokke stroller

Six years ago, the new design appeared in the stroller range, and to this day, it looks very futuristic, distinctive, and sleeker than most strollers. Most distinguished from others is that the baby is placed high, so that you do not have to speak directly to the ground, less suffer from hot or cold radiation from the asphalt. The price of the Xplory Travel System model is more than 4,000 forints, so it's not a small investment, and its quality and durability can be trusted. Of course, the big question is whether you are worth the least, because you can buy at least this cool travel system-style stroller out of this money, if you have a little bit less, a little bit more baby, like a baby, doesn't kill her. Obviously, it would look strange in a rural setting, not even for high-fidelity highways and kits, but it would certainly work for an elegant city stroller.

Carrying necklace
Mothers of big-cat kids carrying it on the back usually wear it. What's the point of this little suspiciously clean, luscious piece that you additionally put on your neck? Perhaps it refers to belonging to a subculture? No, it is exceptionally practical. Its essence is that after the big kitten carries an interesting kangaroo, these little ones like to go for a rafting ride. If you give something into your hands, you will sooner or later drop it. In this case, a necklace made of natural materials, cotton threads and wood will do a good job and you will simply throw it over your shoulder. You can seduce, giggle, crumble your little one, and wear the strap. And at home you can safely wash it.

Above certain ages, one of the favorite activities of children is to lower the cap and fold it far away, for example, beneath the sensible underground train. The astringent sapophone is therefore not as easy to peel off and has the added benefit of protecting the neck. Also a piece that is absolutely invisible when carried on the back. Also available in cotton and warmer, knit versions.

Um, well, if you are butterfly or foot warmer, that is, babies can be useful, it is sure that more and more babies will see this, especially on those who do not wear diapers (EC). and foot warmers simplify and speed up peeing and giggling. It is also available in thinner, thicker versions.

You might think that this can only be a craze for busy carriers, but not such a bad idea! A dude will surely eat. Because in other situations, you prefer the best type of cloth. The towel is made of a flexible, lightweight and quick-drying material. It also gives your baby safety while bathing, and also makes it easy to carry.

Waterproof bottle
It has a capacity of 150 liters for tap water. You might want to get it if you have reservations about tap water, but you don't want to spend on tap water, just because of the large amount of excessively produced rubbish.