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Get your story in Pregnant Magazine!

Get your story in Pregnant Magazine!

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Just like last year, the last issue of Maternity this year is yours. Not only our title page is published, but also the whole issue, which will blame the whole.

Only you will be featured in the glass, the photo, the drawing, the tummy, the dad, the baby, the grandma, the dog, the kitty, as you please. Get your baby diary, your photo album, and tell your story.

What do you need to do to get in?

Choose the topic you want from 3000 to 3500 characters, and if possible, send a photo to the stories as well!
- How did I get pregnant?
- I told my couple we were expecting a baby.
- That nine months ...
- Who helped the baby?
- It's no parents' story
- How did you breastfeed?
- Apostolic
- What's worth it to us ...
- And what's not ...
- That's how we named it
- That's what I cooked for the baby and the family
But we are happy to read any story that you feel might be important to other readers of Maternity.
The best friends, the best photographers are included in the magazine, this may be the best Christmas gift for the grandmother, relatives, acquaintances.
Submiters are also advised to get a pregnant band, book or baby cream. Offers are non-selectable and can be guaranteed up to your inventory.
Please email [email protected]


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