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Baba-Expo in Pest - program

Baba-Expo in Pest - program

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On Sunday, April 19, the Baby-Expo series of events will be held in Budapest, where baby clothes will be open to visitors with programs and programs. The SYMA Hall is on site.

The (future) families are invited to attend the event from 9am to 4pm. At the biggest baby event in spring, expectant mothers, babies, mothers, and children alike can enjoy themselves, and the variety of the program is a guarantee.
For the little ones, the organizers of the national event series are prepared with 4D ultrasound, lectures and extraordinary discounts.
For kids arriving, the free 300 m2 playground, jumpers, free face painting, bohoh, and other programs, music shows.
Hosted by Betty and Varga Feri Balбssy
Vendég: DJ Dominique
Admission for adults: 990 Ft
Parking is free.
Cnm: SYMA - 1146 Budapest, Douzsa György ъt 1.


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