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How to clean the foil?

How to clean the foil?

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Ear-nose-goggles do not convince themselves that the gland is not dirty.

It plays a role in maintaining health: it protects the eardrum from contamination, contamination, ensures the elasticity of the tympanic membrane, and covers this sensitive area with a thin film. If we remove it, we deprive the body of a protective barrier, shake off the tiny hair follicles of the eardrum, and it may be better to insert the cortex, forming a real obstruction to the tympanic membrane. The visible part of the earpiece is wiped away with the middle of the thumb, wrapped with any other small device, and thus jeopardizes your hearing. Forget the scrubbers! It is important, however, to dry the skin of the mucous membrane after every cleanse, as this area may be blurred easily.


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