This is how dog bites affect the souls of children

This is how dog bites affect the souls of children

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop in children as a result of an animal attack. A new study pointed out this, following Chinese children who were taken to an emergency hospital for a bite to eat.

PTSD is usually suffered by people who were killed or witnessed by a life-threatening event. This could be a serious auto accident, a robbery or another shocking condition. PTSD sufferers have terrible memories and dreads that affect their daily lives.
Developed in childhood post traumatic stress disorder he is much more victorious, ”he says Dr. Nancy Kassam-Adams, director of the Children's Hospital Center for Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, who blocks the normal development of the child. For example, a child just in school needs much more time to process the event than an adult.Dr. Li. Ji, the Pediatric Medical College of the Beijing Medical University and examined 358, 5, and 17 years of age children who were admitted to the hospital for some type of disease. Most children were bitten by dogs, but many came with cat, rabbit, rat, and even pig-bite.
The children were treated and, depending on how heavy the bite was, received tetanus injections, cleaned and sutured the wounds, and prescribed antibiotic treatment. In addition, the emergency department also examined whether the child had symptoms of PTSD. This was repeated a week later, and three months later.
At three months of age, 19 of 358 children showed symptoms of PTSD. THE post traumatic stress disorder it affected most (10 out of 38 children) who were so severely wounded that they needed to be treated in Kurdish. There was no significant difference in whether this disease was more easily developed in smaller or older children, and developed similarly in girls and boys.

There are kids who have a very hard time working on dog kennels

The result is that the number of children suffering from bite is 5% post traumatic stress disorder, is in line with what other studies have shown on wounded children, explained Kassam-Adams. "However, this number does not reflect how children are killing these attacks. Many children find it difficult to process what has happened to them, they just can't seem to diagnose a post traumatic confusion."
The authors ask doctors to pay close attention to the behavior of children, especially those who have suffered from severe obesity. Kassam-Adams, who did not participate in the preparation of this study, added that it is not only the speed itself that influences whether or not post traumatic disorder, but it also plays a big role in what effects a child has during care.
"It's very important what happens in the emergency room and how doctors and nurses deal with the little wounded. This study calls attention to psychological factors," the doctor told Re.
Dr. Ji explained that the doctors at the Beijing Hospital no longer considered the importance of psychological examinations, but that learning about the study had led everyone back to their small patients for these checks. The results were published in Pediatrics.
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