Summer beauty care for pregnant women

Summer beauty care for pregnant women

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Take a shower in the morning with lukewarm water. Cold is not good because it stimulates blood circulation and thereby increases heat sensation.

Eucalyptus or peppermint shower gel gives the skin a pleasant heat all day long. With a lightweight body polish and a cool gel, we treat our thirsty skin - they leave no sticky, greasy layer on the skin. The body spray containing lemon, orange, rosemary and basil oil takes on a fresh scent all day long. Keep the body tonic in the cool: a pleasant shiver runs over us when applied to the skin. Cool our feet with a cream containing menthol oil. Apply a light hydrogel to our face when blushing with heat. Let go of the primer, because it can become uneven during the day, use more face powder.
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- There is always a sauna temperature below the gear, so the heat does not wear it any more. I pay close attention to the loss of fluid, soda free water, soft fruit juice, peppermint tea, lemon lemonade. I don't like water in my stomach, so I drink less often. Excitement is also an excuse for me to be an ascetic sportsman: in ice cream, I will run out of ice cream. I enjoy the "cool" lifestyle: instead of training, we play big with Chengdu and Luca under the shaded cock. It is a real respite to descend into the cool water of the pool, and the buoyancy of the water is easily reduced by growing body weight.