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10 super tips for babies under 6 months

10 super tips for babies under 6 months

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Christmas is approaching, it's time to get some surprises for the smallest ones. We've collected a few tips to make a newborn and your parents happier.

10 super tips for babies under 6 months

The music over the baby's twists and turns

If you want a really useful gift for a newborn baby (and your parents), a seriously fitted bed with a swivel mount cannot simply be placed next to it. There are some that emit light and sound, may be projector-based, set on the ceiling during operation, and then stop spontaneously after a while. Just remember to buy an item as it is not usually included in the package! When Mom has something to do, a good musician can be a lifesaver. sleeping baby girl (photo:


Stella Baggott - Animals
Colored images are sure to fascinate a few month old babies, and at least once a year they will probably flatter them willingly, so the manual coordination movement will be improved with the help of the book. (post: animuscentral)


A colorful, rugged, playful (up to music) carpet is the place for every baby family. From two to three months old, little ones will really be able to take advantage of them, because babies are able to hold their heads in their belly and belly, and their attention to helping them develop their fine-motor skills at high speed. (pictured:


As well as the base piece and the first half of the year, baby and parents will love it, a good quality rest. No, it's not a waste of money, though the big extra bell-bong features are superfluous, as they might just scare the little ones (which can save you a lot). Why is it useful? Because the little one wants to be close to us all the time, and we can take it anywhere with us: in the kitchen, in the dining room, and even if the mom is alone, even in the washroom. (picture:

Pls snap

A soft, plush, easy-to-grasp, spiny animal can be a big favorite of a baby. It gives a sparkling voice - a huge surprise and success for the little one when he first manages to play the game. You can get a boyish, boyish, unisex finish. (picture:

Portable sleeping bag

Which mom wouldn't want someone to help with anesthesia? There are some games that make sounds of nature or play some melody to the baby's utmost comfort. You can put it next to your little bed, or you can hang these special "sleeping aids" on your stroller or carriage. (post:

Multifunctional Employee

The more senses you stimulate and develop, the more colorful, noisier, rich in substance, the better. It is best if you can put on a music, or lose a vibrating type. Not only functional, but handy, it can also be fitted on a stroller, diaper pad and car seat so you can have fun with your baby. (picture:


A book and a combination of occupied games is a baby book, also known as a textbook. There are many types available in stores, webstores. The only thing that matters is that the colors are more colorful, the contrast is higher, and the quality of the fabric is higher. (picture:

Baths storage

The most important thing for moms will be that baby toys are not lined up at the end of the bath, which is why you cannot slowly approach the bath. We choose an adhesive disc version that can be lightly attached to the tile, and if you are looking for a hole puncher, you don't have to worry about the players getting stuck. (photo:

You can talk about water

For the first couple of months, it's a good idea to choose a bathtub that can be grabbed by your little hands and it won't matter if you take it in your mouth. Because once you have been caught, you are guaranteed to take it in your mouth because they are familiar with the world - the tastes, the shapes, the cold, the warm. Intense color animal figures improve the baby's appearance, brain development, and because they are made of rubber, they also slightly reduce dental pain. (picture:
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