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Baby's Dying Yellowing Can Be A Sign Of Severe Liver Disease

Baby's Dying Yellowing Can Be A Sign Of Severe Liver Disease

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In the end, children who are less likely to recognize a rare gallbladder disorder during infancy may need to be replaced.

Baby's Dying Yellowing Can Be A Sign Of Severe Liver DiseaseThat's what he called attention to Dr. Antal DezhfifiHead of Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Semmelweis University, Department of Pediatrics, Department I. Gradual biliary cirrhosis due to biliary obstruction could be prevented in half of the cases, but the time window is very small, surgical intervention should stop within the first six weeks. In addition to the baby elhъzуdу sбrgasбg sцtйtbarnбvб vizeletйnek, szйkletйnek vilбgossб йs agyagszerыvй vбlбsa the fхbb figyelmeztetх jelek.Az ъgynevezett epeъtfejlхdйsi rendellenessйg mйhen belьli szыrйsйre currently not бll megfelelх rendelkezйsre diagnostic mуdszer, kialakulбsбnak orvostudomбny szбmбra reason is unknown, the szьletйst kцvetхen only the clinical jelentkezх tьnetekbхl is suspected of being sick - presented by Dr. Antal Dezsfifi.The disease is a rare disease in Hungary An average of 10-15 babies a year According to the National Center for Pediatric Clinic No. 1 Gastroenterology and Hepatology. The stagnation of bile in the liver is a problem because of the accumulation of metamaterials and degradation products that pass through the bile, causing severe damage to the organ. The terminal stage of the disease is the so-called liver cirrhosis, which is an irreversible condition. two to three weeks after the baby is born. Warning signs, such as greenish skin, dark brown urine, light, clayey stools, loss of growth and bloodiness, gradually occur, but not all occur. The associate professor hangsъlyozta: the epeъtfejlхdйsi rendellenessйg nehйz felismerйse azйrt, because esetenkйnt цssze can be mixed with mбsodik йletnapon kezdхdх йs during the off elsх hйt also zajlу fiziolуgiбs sбrgasбggal that the ъjszьlцttek 70 szбzalйkбt йrinti.Az ъgynevezett йlettani sбrgasбg because the mйhen belьl the amount of accumulated red blood cells begins to degrade after the baby is born. The end product of the process is bilirubin (bile dye), which is secreted by the liver, but often the organ is still underdeveloped and therefore deposited in the skin. An additional losing factor is that in some cases, the substances found in breast milk may also increase or suppress yellowing.Dr. According to Antal Dezsfifi, it is easiest to realize from the color of a baby that something is wrong, for which the so-called baby's baby's color can be of great help, especially for first-born babies. If the baby's abnormalities appear to be abnormal on the basis of the sample below, or if any of the above symptoms are noticed, contact the nurse and the child's GP immediately. After being suspected, the disease is relatively simple can be identified by a laboratory testand if the bile duct is confirmed, it is time for a surgical intervention. The time window is very small, the intervention has to stop within six weeks of birth to prevent the liver from being irreversibly damaged, and the surgery to be as effective as possible - warns Dr. Antal Dezsfifi. blocked bile ducts, and then replace the bile ducts with a small duck, replacing the bile ducts, creating a direct connection between the liver and the intestines. The university associate professor said the outcome of the surgical intervention depends on many factors, but in general, half of the interventions are successful, with little or no evidence of ovarian cancer.


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