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The Personal Zone protects the fetus by increasing the mother's brain

The Personal Zone protects the fetus by increasing the mother's brain

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Finally, science has proven that babies need a larger personal space and that they are not unwilling to caress their pregnant tummy.

Together with the tummy, the personal zone is also growing. Mother's laziness starts just before the baby comes to the world at all. According to a new study published in Scientific Reports, the baby is a baby undergo significant mental and physical changes third trimester. The study looked at the amount of personal space needed by prospective mothers - an area that is directly surrounding our body and can be continuously monitored by our brains. The personal zone is the human security bubble, where most of the interactions with other people take place, about one inch (46-120 cm) in volume.

You need a larger personal zone

Scientists have used an audio-tactile test to find pregnant women who were pregnant in the second trimester when their tummy tummy started to grow, and pregnant women who were in their third trimester when they were very powerful, And with new mothers, 8 weeks after birth. The researchers came to the conclusion during the third trimester, a pregnant baby needs a larger personal zone. However, there was no change in the early pregnancy or in the newborn mother.

That's how the brain protects the tummy

- The survey proves that when there is a big change in the body and the volume of their stomachs increases significantly, the baby's brain begins to correct the size of the person's zone around them he explained dr. Flavia Cardini, associate professor of psychology at Ruskin University in England, head of research. This means that as the tummy grows, the mother's brain extends the personal zune So that you know the potential sources of danger from your belly, at least a mile away (VIA)Related links: