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Mother scared to see ghost doll on baby monitor very scared

Mother scared to see ghost doll on baby monitor very scared

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In the end, in the media, a mom's photo of a baby monitor showing a ghost doll lying next to her baby boy in the baby.

(Photo source: Facebook) After a sleepless night, her mom, Maritza Elizabeth, uploaded a picture of a picture of a demon doll. When he wanted to check on his child at night, the newlyweds displayed a ghost doll next to the child.In the morning, Maritza investigated a bit and realized that (though accidentally) her husband was missing the appearance of a scary demon. The father forgot to put the mattress guard under the sheets when he made his little boy's bed, and the manufacturer of the mattress put a picture of a baby on the mattress, which sometimes does not appear, but the newborn doll made it visible.The photo has brought in more than 510,000 reactions on Facebook, and 310,000 have been shared. Although the mother felt disgusted after the investigation, she shared it so others could learn from it. But let's face it, we would have been scared of the mom's place! (VIA)Related links:


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