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What about my breast?

What about my breast?

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Fashions are changing: the little, the boy, the cool-headed bridle. And of course, the breast changes as you live your life. We'll tell you what's going on with it, and what you can do if you're idle.

What if the end of breastfeeding?

I meet breastfeeding counselors with many mothers of many shapes and conditions every day. I have ceased to consider myself beautiful or dumb for what you see, because in every breast I see a healthy, living component that is capable of miracles and deserves to be loved. as if he had a life of his own: A sensitive sign of everything that happens in our bodies and souls, prevents weakness, and stops mud even when it is very painful. Sometimes it's easy to keep track of what's going on in it, sometimes it seems to keep its secrets, and it's never answered. It can perfectly heal, transform, adapt to everything, change my life, and change just like it does. The shape, size of the breast, beyond the genetic proportion of fatty tissue And a Thanks for the quality to determine. Significant changes occur with the onset and persistence of the menstrual cycle. The channels increase and, depending on the hormone levels characteristic of the cycle, blood flow changes, transient swelling, edema can occur, and the process reverses with a decrease in hormone levels. These cyclic changes are felt by most women in the days before and after menstruation.

When you're expecting a baby

In the first third, the blood supply to the breast increases, the nipple and yard become browner, darker in color and larger, and the ducts open and tingle. The second third then gradually decreases the adipose tissue and gives way to the gland. In the last third, colostrum is already produced, or it may drop. By the time the baby is born, the breast - can grow up to two sizes - the blood vessels in the skin become dark - the nipple is dark brown, the glands are enlarged, and small bumps appear.

When you are breastfeeding

THE tejbelцvellйshez it is not necessary for you to breastfeed, it is completely independent of the process that occurs after birth. However, you can reduce tense sensation by frequently breastfeeding your baby from the start. After a couple of days of transition, mature breast milk is produced from the tenth day onwards, which seems to be inferior to it at first. From the fifth to sixth week the breast becomes softer, smaller. Do not be frightened, this is not the end of breastfeeding, it is just because the initial hardships have put you in the mood for weekly weekends. If the baby is eating solid food and milk is starting to decline, the size of the baby before pregnancy can be enough.

What is this flat bag ?!

Do you think that is how your breast is when you have stopped breastfeeding? Don't despair, this is it not final! Your body simply needs time to regain fat. If you start to lose weight, your breast may be flatter than you used to, since it does not lose fat when you lose it, it will disappear from your breast, or it will not return to normal before demanding a fuller shape. In the lifetime when you have finished breastfeeding and your cycle is back, the same monthly cycle is repeated in your breasts. By the end of the menopause, the gland is gradually regressing, but the hormone depletion may have the effect of this process.

Breast and sport

Unfortunately, with chest exercises you can't influence it the size of the breast. On the other hand, you can make your body more athletic, prettier, and your good posture will show you more of what you have. So just on it! You can strengthen during breastfeeding, but it is advisable to breastfeed immediately before exercising to get a looser breast as you move.


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