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Allergy sufferers should stay at home during turbulent times

Allergy sufferers should stay at home during turbulent times

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In turbulent times, the symptoms of allergies may increase as the wind mixes pollen grains, which can "burst" and be released in greater quantities.

Tamás Szigeti, an air hygiene specialist at the National Center for Nursing Health (NNK), said that allergies should stay at home during stormy weather, and close windows, doors, and windows after a period of rain.Allergy sufferers should stay at home during turbulent times
Experts have also reported that the NNK is monitoring pollen from 40 plants. The pollen season begins late in the spring with the flowering of the fronds and shrubs, then continues with the meadows in the months of May and June, and by the end of July the chickens have been affected.
He added that about one million people suffer from ragweed allergy in Hungary, but this season is expected to be weaker than usual, with the most difficult period to be expected in mid-August.
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