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Let's bring fun and wonderful things to the nursery!

Those celebrated babies then did it. Their parents, with their famous home decorators, fashion designers and feng shui gurus, cover the house to create a baby room that they'll go to.
Of course, people are so jealous that they spit on thousands of dollars worth of baby linen.
But honestly, you can design a perfect room from a low budget. By translating some ideas into feng shuibu and more with a good grade mommy, here are some ideas on how to make your baby and child happy and happy.

Furnishing a children's room is a daunting task

Let's bring in a nice treat!

What could be more pleasant than watching your child care? Listen to it as you marvel at your self and its surroundings:
  • Hang a mirror low, at a child's eye height.
  • Frame pictures taken from children's books to allow for an artwork of merchandise. Buy books in filler unloaders.
  • Boost the ceiling. Paint clouds, glue different shapes, or glow in the dark so that the Baby has something fun to look at.
  • Glue or screw up the cubes or other toys on the dresser, the pin button.
  • Write a favorite quote on the wall. Use a stencil or make your own lightweight style with a freehand pen.
  • Paint a built-in wardrobe or door with magnetic paint. Stimulate it with working magazines and let the little one "Stretch it again".
  • Eliminate the upheaval!

    Creative energy flows best when it does not stumble upon the wheel:
  • Tie the stuffed animals, toys or artificial flowers with a ribbon and use them to tie the curtain.
  • Hang on drizzly and tiny clothes pegs for kids 'clothes, kids' cards, and more, wrapped around a child's year-round work.
  • Look for low-floor play shelves and bookcases for neat-looking and easy-to-access.
  • Create the opportunity to move!

    Suspend things that attract your energy and absorb the negative waves, and your child goes with the flow:
  • Place a living green plant that stimulates positive energy.
  • A wind chime brings you good luck without it costing you much.
  • The ceiling fan ensures good airflow. Make sure the babies love to look over it, especially if I have fun. Choose one that will be both colorful and crazy and twice as interesting as a moving object.

  • But first and foremost, you should feel comfortable designing your child's room. He will also feel the cavern when he is there with him. And you'll never find out you've never criticized a home decorator.


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