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Togetherness makes a child confident

Togetherness makes a child confident

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Should the child sleep with us or indoors? This is probably one of the biggest debates between moms. Each of these methods has its benefits, and now we are bringing another wave of coexistence.

It is culturally different to sleep with the parents (in a bed or in a room) or more distantly, in a separate room. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Many cannot relax when they are constantly watching the baby (or the little ones are constantly rotating and kicking), others just feel more relaxed because the baby is right there. For babies, it can also be beneficial to have a good night's sleep, because it is easier at night to feed and soothe when you wake up.In the long run, coexistence has a positive effect on the baby However, coexistence can also have the long-term benefits of a psycho-psychiatric survey, who slept together with their parents, had greater confidence, were less anxious And they are prone to guilt. In addition, their attitudes about body and sexuality were better, that is, they were more confident, uncomfortable or uncomfortable when they were overlooked. "It makes children. However, the opposite is true, meaning that co-sleep results in a more viable, competent and confident child," he says. James McKenna, Ph.D., sleepwalker. "Children who have never been able to sleep in their parents' beds are older, more difficult to control and more likely to have hysterical attacks, compared to those who could sleep with their parents," according to experts, it is important to keep your baby safe. For babies less than six months old, I would recommend a shared room or a baby cot that can be attached to an adult bed, rather than a baby bed. Care should also be taken to prevent the small from being trapped (eg, between the surface of the head and the headrest), or from being wrapped or cushioned in the head. Never sleep with your baby, toddler with an adult who has consumed alcohol, pills or heavy anesthetics! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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