The personality depends on what the child likes to eat

The personality depends on what the child likes to eat

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There are parents who are challenged to introduce their children to new foods. However, the problem is not caused by the food, but rather by the personality of the child.

The kid also depends on the person he is trying out the new ones

"Babies who are more restrained and taller are less likely to try new teas. It seems very early that a baby responds openly to a new stimulus, or rather retreats. there are unknown foods out there, "he says Cameron Moding, a researcher at the University of Colorado.In the study, professionals with Moding led the study of 136 infants who were interested in how they respond to new foods and games in the first 18 months of their lives. It turned out that those who who responded to the new games with restraint and reluctance, so did the new foods"It shows that it depends on the type of person that the child responds to the new meal, not on the meal itself. However, it is important that parents do not give up because they often have to spend more time children make friends with the New Deal, "the expert adds. The article was published in the Child Development magazine.Related Articles:
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