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Use an ovulation microscope!

Use an ovulation microscope!

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There are women who have irregular, therefore unreliable monthly cycles, which can make it difficult for baby planners. There is a tool to help you determine when you have ovaries and when it is worth living in a household.

Use an ovulation microscope!

Erzhi and her couple Balzzs, eats had wanted a baby for her. The results of the different medical examinations have shown that there is no obstacle to having a baby. that it has no side effects, makes it easy to use and last but not least It is capable of showing ovulation with 98% accuracy"Erzsi began examining her own body, and says it was sometimes funny that Balazs made fun of a buddy's birthday because the microscope considered her home life to be ideal. Some people think that microscoping is too macerating, but there are people who just like it because they can control it anywhere, and at least more than a thousand forints. and it's also a very discreet tool. Its shape is just like a rose. avoid it, as the tool will show you when you should not go to bed .

How to use the ovulation microscope?

  • Megfelelх arrowhead or cervix (through the sleeve) should be taken for sampling.
  • The sample should be applied to the given surface of the microscope.
  • Wait 10 minutes for it to dry.
  • They can be analyzed after broadcast in the manner described in the description.
  • It's worth keeping the light on so you can see the result better.
  • It is important to use it when you are not taking a contraceptive.
  • Make sure that you do not perform the test immediately after eating, drinking, or smoking, as these may influence the result.

What is the benefit of this miniature microscope?

  • is completely natural
  • biztonsбgos
  • higiйnikus
  • it's easy to use
  • the result is easy to read
  • 98% accurate results
  • its packaging is discreet
  • it can be used many times, not just once

Analysis of the result

The result of the reading must be made public in advance. As you drool over your stalk or crouch, a fern-like pattern appears as if it were frost on the window glass. This means that the next 24-72 hours may ovulate, so during this period it is advisable to become pregnant. (The explanation for the shape of the fern is that after the ovariectomy, the increased estrogen hormone levels appear crystalline below the enlargement.) Because not all women have the same level of estrogen, not everyone has the same shape. If fertilization has not occurred in the meantime, it is worth using it for months. During this time, we will also become more confident in analyzing the results correctly, as we will be better able to see the difference between the two over time. need to turn. In case you have not convinced us 100% by microscopic examination, then use it in addition to other ovulate calculator also, so we can be more confident in ourselves and in the results.

Did you know?

The menstrual cycle is on average 23 to 35 days, but for some women it is shorter and for others it is longer. It may also happen that there was no ovulation in one cycle, or it may be twice. Most doctors agree that ovulation will occur 13 to 14 days before the onset of monthly bleeding.

And he's a good council

If you want a baby, then before you cry for at least 1-2 weeks It's worth starting with something vitamins for pregnant women (also known as fetal multivitamin). 4 to 8 weeks after conception is very important for your baby's health. But at that time, many pregnant mothers are unaware that they are pregnant, and that they are not able to recharge their body's vitamin supplies. That's why you need to replenish your body's vitamin stores before you stop your blood-fertilization.


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