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How do you know she's got her room clean?

How do you know she's got her room clean?

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There are families and communities where getting used to room cleanliness is the first serious test for a parent. Of course, is it difficult to bear "such a kid and he's always a pelus?" beginning expenses, not even for him - sooner or later everyone will get rid of him.

What's the point on summer?

Summer is the classic period of getting used to room cleanliness. In the heat of the day, it is also more comfortable for the little ones not to dunk in the heavy diaper, and if they pee, they will learn something. See kids who are used to high-moisture ultra-nuclei, where their pee comes from, how it feels when they get wet in their panties, feet, and more generally how the body worksIn addition to the summer, the friendly friend is that less clothes need to be removed when the baby is born. And, of course, you don't have to stay at home during the accustomed period: enough two-to-three change of socks, socks, buttocks and, of course, bags in which you can collect dressed clothes.

Outdated wisdom

Some of today's grandmothers are amazed that their grandchildren run into diapers when they are two or three years old, as a few decades ago as soon as the kid could sit down, they put him to a party right away. Sooner or later, the pissed-off piss ran in, and by then it was only a matter of hitting the next half of the year and getting the baby out of the baby for the slightest sign. Why was it so urgent?

Every child gets it once

Washing, soaking, rubbing textile diapers - without a washing machine - gave the pregnant women an all-day program that naturally wanted to get rid of the task as soon as possible. Just a part of the grandmother nowadays takes a much smoother rhythm to today's lazy moms or the strong influence of diapers.However, twenty years ago, we did not know what today's psychologists believe. You can get your kid to sneak in when you see a party, but this is far from being a real room cleaner. For that requires a degree of maturity of the nervous system and the ciliary muscles that is almost never reached by a child under the age of two.An year-old is also able to pee in the party, but if we choose this path, we have to make friends with the idea that we have to cover up a lot of accidents by the time of childhood, and that this does not cause the child neither her parents, nor her parents, will have a pleasant life. Even if you wait until the age of two, you may have to go through the "learning era" in a few weeks, and knowing that your child's ability to control bladder function will give him or her success.

6 signs that it's time!

  • The baby will still be dry three or so in his diaper
  • She complains if her diaper is dirty, asks for it to be replaced
  • She removes her diaper by herself, pulls up her panties and pants alone
  • She inquires when family members go to the toilet
  • You know what squirting, cackling, he talks about
  • You are barking, or indicating that you have to pee, have to poop
  • Music or auty party?

    Baby shops are color-conscious and look for sumptuous parents in sumptuous selections. Many people buy a party with a "let's get it done" bill before the child's one-year-old, and then, after a few failed attempts, the new treat becomes a play in the nursery. But you may not need to handle the party as a toy! For example, if you use it for packing and storing, how can you expect it to waste and pack the other things you produce in the rest of the room? the billiards don't play! It is not wise to tell a story, to die for the poop or pee. Many people think this is really worth it, as they also read while sitting in the toilet and it is better for the child to get busy in the middle of the night. However, it is not the job of a child to go out to the party for a while, it is more useful to pay attention to his the content. In fact, it is more important to make sure that it has a wide foot support, is comfortable to sit on, and very useful when has a high high edge at the frontbecause not only boys, babies can pee high and sharp!My daughter was unable to sit patiently at the party. When he felt the need to poop, he circled in the room to suppress the stimulus. The result was a terrible congestion. We talked, we looked at books, we ate chocolate, babies, everything, but nothing. Even the torch from my cousin helped me. He sat down and leaned forward leaning against his ass - watching the cock come out. He was not bored because things had changed, and leaning forward also helped the leaner.
    J. J., Kecskemét

    To the toilet immediately?

    Many parents are attracted to this solution, as they are miss out on the no-brainer era of bilimos, but many kids find the toilet really scary and unwilling to think about it. The noise, the depth beneath it, makes it uncertain in this already precarious situation. Other kids, on the other hand, want to do as they see their parents, and they think this is the most natural place. If you think your kid would love to go to the toilet, you need to. Without the child, the child would have to be constantly balanced and unable to relax in the neck, and without the stomach he or she would have chosen the toilet.

    Dry night

    Many people think that the time has come for the child to overtake or to have just completed his fourth year of life, so that, according to the "textbooks", he could not pee for the night. They will then discuss what is expected of them and remove the diaper. Then come the night peeing, the sweaty pajamas change, the bed bounce, and then the breakfast rolls.This thing should be just the opposite! - Stop it Wedding Emese pszicholуgus. - It's time for panty nights when the baby wakes up the next morning to keep her diaper dry. At night, it is much more difficult to control the function of the bladder, because the reflex that senses full bladder tension is very strong and therefore triggers automatic blunting. That's exactly five to six years old you don't have to worry much if there are "accidents" at night. Instead of the limits usually set, the child's own rhythm and development should be observed.

    Anyone else into the pelus?

    It is common for a child to pee for a couple of months, but ask for a diaper. You know you're healthy: you get the stimulus and you can hold it back. But being a sophisticated task, and being able to poke at the party, you need proper mental maturity. It is not a bad thing to ask for a diaper - it makes you feel safe. The cause can simply be anxiety. The kaki is a mysterious thing, dirty, scary, which is better placed in a diaper where no one sees it, the kaki is part of the body of a child who may be frightened of losing it and throwing it away. which is mainly due to the innocence of the parents. It is not worth fighting - if you ask, you need to give the diaper, because it is much better for you to do the job than holding back your cravings (it can take up to three days!) And it can develop more severe constipation.

    Is it worth returning the diaper?

    - YES!
    If you start studying room cleanliness at an early age, at two, and this causes a lot of tension in the family, sometimes it is better to put the diaper back on rather than stick to it and accumulate discomfort. Slightly week-by-month, the child himself will probably ask you to run in his panties now, as soon as he is not frightened by the diaperlessness.- NO!
    If she's been a clean kid for months now, and even because of the arrival of her little brother, and for some illness like, say, cuddling, she's not worth giving her the diaper, even if it's more important to the parent. It is a serious failure for a child if it is downgraded to a baby, especially if it is scolded and defiled by the parent.I have never scolded my soul for being accidentally splashed, but there are times when it is difficult to maintain a nice tone. I was diapering the little ones when he woke up behind my stomach, "Mom, I pee!" I looked up, peeing straight on the floor with my legs clear. Even though she wasn't on the carpet, I was scared, and I said kindly, "Stay there, honey, she's always going and giving me clean clothes!" - And I quickly caught the baby clean.But I couldn't be as quick as the helpless two-year-old, who, in a dash of good intent and willingness to help, lowered her panties, and began to spit the pile of clothes over her head. He laughed, and the droplets drove him into the room. I admit, the craze broke then, and I started yelling to stop it right away! She was hurt, and she didn't want to be big, she asked for her diaper. It took days, even though I was saddened, and more than a week later, he went to a party again.

    Always praise!

    It is difficult to adhere to this principle, especially when the days pass, and as if the child does not develop, more piss goes to the furniture than to the party. Many parents then question their literal abilities and feel that they are "feeling bad" and inattentive when it comes to stimulus. However, even if your child is fully mature and healthy, it may still take a few weeks for the child to complete the task. Think about it, so far, when you have been full of stuff, you simply let it go. Now you have to learn to give birth in time, and then hold it back until you get to the party, and still have to wait for the seconds of moving. Let's face it: it is a nice thing to pee in a diaper, and if the little brother is free, why would the bigger one start this difficult task? Only your parents please! So it's worth praising, even if you feel like it, there's no need to address every sentence, and sometimes it can be more useful to hear half a person saying that being great is a good thing. For example, when diapering the smaller one, you may note that "well, babies still need diapers, but big ones are good because they can pee in the party too!" Let's find a reason to acknowledge it even if you pissed off: "You did very well because today you have a lot less pee in your panties, and tomorrow you will do less!"

    When is it worthwhile to start?

    There are situations that have failed in the first place, which can cause anxiety that even with a clean child, daytime or night-time splashing may occur again. If you know you can expect such a life situation, summer or here, don't get involved in the room cleanup.
  • little brother's arrival
  • the parents' choice
  • fish of a close family member
  • moving, schooling
  • You could be sick!

    - Most parents think that nighttime waking up is of spiritual origin, so many need to see a doctor - says dr. Visy Mbria, a nephrologyist at the Tыzoltу Street Children's Clinic in Budapest. - In most cases, though there is some disease in the background of this symptom, so it's not worth waiting for the kid to outgrow it!… Old inflammation
    Many infants can become infectious infections that can go unnoticed in parents as early as a few weeks, with little to no effect. However, if your baby's waking night is often red, his stomach and genitals are red, it's worth having a urine test. Untreated inflammation is not only a problem for the little ones, but can also cause night sickness in the later stages. In this case, the depleted kidney releases too much calcium and this kidney sand excites the mucous membranes of the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane. The solution, no matter how strange it may be, is because of the many fluids and the low dose nasal drops.… Big almonds
    Large nasopharynx or pharynx may interfere with breathing during sleep, and the brain may not receive enough air. This may reduce the production of water that is responsible for the re-elimination of water. This problem can be eliminated in sleep labs, and the removal of enlarged tonsils has helped in many cases.… Hormone deficiency
    At night, the body selects a hormone called vasopressin, which helps the urine to concentrate. This hormone may be produced in the child's body at a lower level than needed and therefore pee. To eliminate this, the urine specific gravity test was performed in the laboratory. If nocturnal urine is thinner, a nasal spray containing hormone may help.… A structural difference
    Often, the size of the bladder is smaller than the average, so it is not possible to store urine for long. This can be detected with an ultrasound scan, and your child can learn to hold urine for longer and longer with blunt tracing, and you will also have a good night's sleep.… Infestation of caraway meal
    Thin, white guinea pigs are barely visible to the naked eye, and infections generally do not produce any other symptoms but slight itching around the genitals, which increases in warmth. This permanent irritation can also cause nocturnal nausea. Its cure is very simple - take one tablet (possibly for the whole family because the infection is spreading quickly) and then take one more week.… Cuddling
    Wet clothes, cold stones, naked movement - all can cause colds, especially in girls who are more prone to infections due to short tips. In these cases, because of the frequent urinary stimulation, the child simply does not reach the party or feels the pain that is crying, so he / she is not keen to sleep. The first thing to think about is when a few clean children have been peeing again and complaining of pain during peeing. It can be cured with an antibiotic after a urine test.

    What helps?

    Lots of fluids - Many people think that if they give the child less to drink, they will pee less, so that "accidents" can be avoided. But in the currency, it works just the other way around. The kidneys in the urine become inflamed and the nocturnal nocturnal irritates the bladder more easily, making it harder for the child to retain the urine. If, on the other hand, you drink a lot all day, but after eight in the evening you will not drink, you will be much more successful in retaining urine. Hуlyagtrйning - Regular good for the bladder. It is important for the child to go peeing, whether he needs it or not. They are more accustomed to voluntary restraint and indulgence. During the study period, it is advisable to wake up the child once a night for a few weeks after sleeping three times, so that his or her bladder is eliminated, and as a result, the litter remains dry for the whole time.

    When should I consult a doctor?

  • Unless your child is three days old and is not clean.
  • If you pee at least once a week at age five.
  • If you are unable to hold your urine again after months of room cleanliness.
  • tip
    Habits of the Party (Alexandra Edition, 1499 Ft) The main advantage of this book is that it does not urge children or parents, as its principle is that room cleanliness is a natural thing that all children will and will soon learn. In addition to practical ideas, by presenting countless personal examples, parents try to convince parents that there are many and many ways to reach the goal they are trying to accomplish, but the most important thing is always to worry about it.

    Toilet or potty?

    It is important that the small child can easily reach the area where he can pee, poop, fear, or cause discomfort. Initially, the potty fulfills these conditions, and you can take it anywhere with you. Large apartment it is useful to have two piecesto get there quickly. Always keep it in the same place so your little one will quickly learn where to run. If we are the big ones often, they can be the same piece.They are the simplest, but comfy potty well suited, our child will not be clean first with the music, the cover, the animal figure trunny. For peeing, besides the potty, the little boys also have a toilet. If the child is relegated to using the toilet by a family member, he or she may be insistent. Let's buy her a stepped leg support so she can sit alone alone. You will also need a lifter because it is important not to crouch over it in the air as it will not be able to relax the muscles and this will hinder the exercise.

    You'll go to the party yourself

    Before school, kids learn a lot of things without having to teach them specifically. The same is true with room cleanliness! By the age of three, most toddlers leave the diaper, but it doesn't matter when that happens. With our own ideas in mind we don't want to get the little kid used to party when he himself hasn't matured. The little ones usually reach the stage of their physical and mental development at the age of two, so that they themselves can "step up".

    How can we see the time for the party has come?

  • He stops playing games, crouches, retreats when he sucks.
  • Identifies (in your language) the pelus and its contents.
  • The pee, the kitty does not tolerate herself. Of course, the textile diaper has a look on our skin, which means less in the pant diaper.
  • Your pet is regular, and the day is due at the same time.
  • For a longer period of time (one or two urns) the diaper remains dry.
  • When the time comes, we create favorable conditions for further development. Let's tell your baby when it's diapering that life is more comfortable without a panty. Let's have a party in the bathroom next to the toilet and say it's the owl. You can also let them in the toilet to see what the adults are doing there. Take advantage of the summer and take off your diaper in the open air.Let you experience what it feels like when your feet run out of pee - so you can easily see what you are up to. Let's play it up to control your urine yourself: Water the little flower so it doesn't freak out! Stop experimenting if you are not disturbed by unpleasant sensations after a week. Let's buy her a cute, patterned underwear with her favorite figure, so you can take care that you don't have to take off quickly. water ... We are going to walk now, but first we'll pee at home. " You can also pee outdoors while walking, or bring a handy travel booth for trips and trips during the transition period. Make sure the little one can easily get out of the clothes if he needs to pee. We can forget the hoodie for a while. We bring two changing clothes with us everywhere.
    Don't scold anyone if the blessed success is not! Sooner or later, she'll be clean.


    The potty is a widely used and considered indispensable tool for room cleanliness, but it does not matter how we use it. Let's show it on the second birthday, tell you what, and keep it in the front of your eyes. However, it is unnecessary to expose the child at regular intervals. Our parents dropped us off the diaper a lot earlier because it was a problem with washing, but it was not our worth, we just managed to drop the dip in our bibs, lose our shirts, and we can big ones' world-class method and can get a bill or a joke on time. Unconsciously, you do it when you put it on a party and draw attention to it with a picture book. Needless to say, rather call attention to the stimulus. Ask at the expected times if you need to leave. Sooner or later he will detect the signs of his physical processes and be able to control his actions accordingly. Of course, not always, often more important things catch your attention. It's going to be cool if you have to break the game, and if you see it, you have to pee (but don't carry it to the party). You also have to learn this: important things to do for a few minutes.If you do not use diapers anymore, well, if you are instructed to do the work at home before you go. Of course, you will have to go out in the dark even if you are ready to get ready, but prepare for unexpected situations with stocking panties and trousers. You may be so attached to your party that you can't pee otherwise. No problem, take the party with us! We don't have to stick to the party, maybe the baby it is easier to understand the use of the toilet, as the high school sees it. With a narrow, breathable chair, it can be comfortable and safe.


    The summerhouse creates ideal conditions for practicing room cleanliness. Change your diaper to a pair of diapers when it's warm, and when you're home and in the garden. Tell your little kid how sensible he is that he is not wearing a warm pelus now, and warn him to give birth if he needs to pee. He will naturally run away, but this is what he is feeling at least. Swap out your panties for free with no special comment, scold, reassurance. In the heat you quickly dry out the washed-out low, you may not need more than two pieces a day. Sooner or later your baby will understand what you are up toand runs to the finished party by himself. Even in the heat of the day, it is not good to have a naked floor tile, a rock. Protect all body surfaces from contamination by infiltration. Wear lightweight, tight-fitting panties for the baby, but this should be removed when paddling. Continuous cooling of the body with a wet garment facilitates cuddling.

    Are you sure it's wet?

    Summer offers favorable conditions for room cleanliness. In the heat, the little kid too you want to get rid of the hot panty, you don't have to worry about freezing when you even spill something. If you are at home or in the garden, feel free to take the pelvis off and give it a pair of pants. It can be washed out quickly, it quickly gets dry in the sun, and the little cuckoo enjoys freedom of movement. Of course, if we were to leave home, it would be nice to have a cushion under the foot, so it would be worthwhile to wear a diaper. Many small children do not even want to easily get rid of this comfort.With perfect freedom, delicate, soft pants do not wet your skin, you do not have to interrupt your favorite play because of peeing. And mom does not have to look blindly and walk quarterly after her baby. The transition period is an inconvenience for moms. Sыrыn and you need to get to the party quickly, pay attention to your child's uncertain signs, and eliminate the signs of minor accidents. If squirting does not cause any discomfort, the baby will learn more slowly how to sense the squirting and the wet. This is what the so-called practice diaper padsthat do not exclude squirting detection. The inside of the textile becomes wet and so does the baby, but the damp layer prevents spillage. These washable trousers are economical, environmentally friendly, and do not tarnish, allowing them to achieve room cleanliness faster.


    Buy a comfortable, wide, cool, cheerful party. Keep it in the bathroom or in the lavatory, where the little kid will stay for as long as he or she does the job. Do not enter the room for prolonged living, storytelling, even before the father - let him / her listen to and raise awareness of the body's short-term physical processes.Smaller boys may find it easier to pee in the toilet, and some kids would love to use it because they see it in high school. Even though we are clearing the pills and keeping them clean, we only use the toilet if the baby wants it. We need a well-fitting, non-slip narrower neck and leg support, crouching on a high-too-wide stretching shoulder, as muscles and small children cannot relax well. he likes to see what he produced, it also frightens you with the noise of the water tank, and then do it when you leave the place. You can stick to your usual party or other party, so take these things with you as you visit. Don't tell your toddler who is in need of a job to get his pelvis excited now, just because he is not good at billiards.

    It's getting smarter!

    If your child uses the toilet "in the field", he or she will be completely uninhabitable. Of course, let's help her: it is easier to put down and put on the elasticated waist trousers, the buttons, belt and zipper can be too time consuming to handle. On weekdays, at ovi, give the child clothes that you can handle on your own. Let us show you the use of government paper. It is very important for small children to from the front to the back. Prepacked and folded paper will initially perform better, with the big roll being either too small or too light. Wet wipes are more effective, let us make a box next to the toilet. It is essential for a smooth toilet use that the small child's feet are placed on a solid base, so make a small plastic step in front of the toilet. Do not scold you for your initial failure. You can trick the end of the trick if you keep your butt in the butt. In this case, wash the buttocks and lubricate with the usual buttocks.Related Articles:
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