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I'm giving in to wisdom - don't breastfeed any more?

I'm giving in to wisdom - don't breastfeed any more?

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I'm giving in to wisdom - don't breastfeed any more?

There are worshipers where they do not take their name if the baby is breastfeeding. We wondered if there was any regulation in the institutions and asked experts what the benefit - or possibly the disadvantage - of not separating the little one was.

"A child who wants to get used to it, rather not suckle - I heard many times in the ward where I work, "says Orsi, a caregiver from Budapest. - Once a mom at the school suckled the other year-old child before he took it after lunch. The colleague came to him and told him to finish it immediately. Another mother complained to the leader because she was straight-laced at the parents' meeting: she had a blast with her child, saying she had a hard time because she hadn't been selected yet.

"Sometimes it comes down to co-operation"

Bцlcsхdйs there is no methodological or scientific literature on breastfeeding and bцlcsхdei the basic program does not include any guidelines on this - the pregnant women were confirmed by the leaders of the requested worshipers. - Institutions help children become accustomed to, and work with, parents, reflecting on individual opportunities and needs. szoptatбs support - said Motnigny Faggyas Бgnes, XI. Head of Department at the Unified Bishop District (until December 2012, the Center for Vocational and Methodological Studies). - We secured a place for a breastfeeding mothers, although there are relatively few who are out in the sun breastfeedingbecause the majority of parents work. Those who breastfeed are more likely to become accustomed to it, and then, if parents agree, we develop a method of separation. Moms also need to think about whether they will be able to continue previous breastfeeding every day after three months and returning to work. The experience that, at the age of two, breastfeeding is only intended to reinforce emotional stability.
However, everyone should have the opportunity and opportunity to make it as they wish breast-feed their the child - stressed by the department manager, who himself admits, unfortunately, bцlcsхdйk, where collaboration between caregivers and the breastfeeding mother kцzцtt. According to the expert, the solution here is for parents to formulate their problems and tell the leaders of the institutions.
Many bцlcsхdйbe they only pick up children from the age of two, who are over breastfeeding. Rita Stefánn, the professional leader of the Tuchy Church of Worship, said that when they enroll, moms are advised to try to keep the baby from getting sick from daily breastfeeding to getting used to it. You can continue your nights while you see them. There is a place where the distinction is not raised: the Csvvvívar bцlcsхde head of Nemeth, Nemo reported, for example, that there is generally no problem with anesthesia, even if suck the children. But if the moms would like to be in the sun breastfeed, of course, we also provide that opportunity.

And with the little ones, it's a good time to start recuperation. - We just got used to a seven-month-old boy who, of course, suckled said Brigitta, the leader of a private inn. - I asked the parents to gradually try more solid foods during the day, and we went further in worship. My own child, too breastfed indoors, the kids also put their baby dolls underneath their sweatshirts, so they imitated. We also think of toys for babies that can't put baby bottles in their mouths, but unfortunately, today, most of them make holey mouths that pack packs alongside their pacifiers - adds your caregiver.

Many do not confess

"There is no age suggestion when it comes to weaning children, this is your decision," said Linda Kuruczno J. - In a New Area where the mother is not there, the child will not ask szoptassбk. In any case, parents are advised to make sure that the child does not fall asleep on the mother. In worship and at sleep, a plush or a nap can be a good service.
Most experienced parents do not even admit that the child is still suck. Others, however, are more uncertain. - THE bцlcsхde It was because of my baby that I was given breast milk nearly two years ago by Boglárka, the mother of a two and a half year old child. - When we went to enroll, I said she was still breastfeeding. He fell asleep in Delhi, too, and the caregivers didn't really like it. We said it would be hard to get used to it so we agreed to divorce it. It happened anyway. That's right, I'm sorry today for not trying to leave breakfast and evening szoptatбstbecause my baby, who had never been ill before, became very sick.
You know that not only deficiencies in breast milk, but also stress weakens the immune system, so the little ones seem to be innocuous to diseases - we have by helping to divorce a weaning baby doll for the fall. "Unfortunately, in many wits, you ask your child to go only if they are not breastfeeding," confirmed Esther Schneider Duchess of La Leche League. - It is often associated with breastfeeding with habituation difficulties, but it is a distorted stereotype.
It's almost like saying that the little one won't be able to fall asleep because you don't put it in your home. Children know very well that if there is no mother there, there is no breast milk. In my experience, a szoptatбs not only does it make it harder, it makes it easy to get used to it - added the expert, who believes that it is only worthwhile to separate the little ones if the mother feels that it is too difficult for her to continue breastfeeding. The psychologist also found that children who weren't woken up at night were more likely to wake up at night breastfeedingthat is, it is not necessarily better for anyone who chooses separation. - The little ones want to patch up the intense cohabitation lost in the sun, and most of the time it is much easier to sleep with a little baby. Last but not least, mothers who return to work during a stressful period may not be as exhausted.


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