Emotionality is an existential phenomenon

Emotionality is an existential phenomenon

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Sometimes, after an intense emotional condition, we experience a kind of "emotional malady" that also has an effect on our subsequent experiences.

"The way we remember things is not only dependent on the world, but it also has a profound influence on our inner world. Let us outweigh our lower standards also "- sums up the essence of the research leader Lila Davachi, an assistant professor of psychology at New York University. Throughout the research, participants have studied various images. Members of one group were shown strong feelings, then neutral images followed, again with intense feelings. Six hours later, participants filled out a test of what they saw. People who first saw intense images were more likely to remember neutral images than those who first encountered neutral images. This shows that the powerful images aroused the interest of the brain, so that all that was left was better.

Emotionality is an existential phenomenon

"We seem to remember more about a neutral experience, if it came after an intense event"- deduces consistency from the specialist. Learn more about feelings:
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