Yes, hey, not because of you, but for you, baby

Yes, hey, not because of you, but for you, baby

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Fйltelek. The world is huge and you are so small. Hey, because I see you grow up and feel like I'm getting smaller day by day.

Happiness, worry, care

Thank you for being me. Sometimes my eyes are light because my heart is stretched out by unrivaled love.Sometimes it is because you are so virtuous. Sometimes my fatness sneaks from fatigue, and I feel like a bunch of wild animals are pushing me back into the room. I admit that sometimes I do, because there is a motto in me that when I became a mother I gave up myself. Old things are missing me. Mйgis: never turn the wheel of time.Sometimes it is so enchanting, it fascinates you with unmatched baby skin, the sparkle of your eyes, the openness of your soul. But then the worries also come to me: I'm afraid your innocence will once and for all be destroyed by life, a rewarding experience. You are just a vulnerable person. Sometimes I'm worried because once in a while you might be asking for help in things I can't help. Now I feel the power of inertia in my viscera. And sometimes, hey, I think, because of the frightening thought of wrestling, because I will have to control you every day, even if I am terribly tired or sick. But I know you need to get up and move on. Sometimes, I'm sorry, because your existence gives you so much, that I'm unable to stop smiling and laughing. Sometimes I feel sorry for the fact that life has given me such a wonderful gift. Sometimes I do because these things - love, worry, sadness, your face, blessing are too much. It's just too much. So I have some pretty heels. Because of you. Because of me. And because of this big world. And because of the thousands and thousands of scary and wonderful things about it you will only understand if you are a parent. Nice heels, baby. With huge tears.
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