Exposure to airborne contaminants can cause death

Exposure to airborne contaminants can cause death

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There is a correlation between air pollution and stillbirth, according to a recent study by staff at the University of Oulu, Finland.

Exposure to airborne contaminants can cause death

"All indications are that the surplus of 2.6 million deaths worldwide last year could have been avoided. More serious research is needed to establish a more serious causal relationship, but they also need more research. dangers of air pollution" - says Marie Pedersen, an epidemiologist at the University of Copenhagen who did not participate in the study itself. especially during the last trimester of pregnancy, air pollution is problematic, which increases the risk of stillbirth. The material published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine highlights the global problem of stillbirth, but a significant proportion of the cases could be avoided.Termйszetesen not just the dirt, but also obesity, infections, alcohol, occupational injuries and stress can also cause stillbirth.
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