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What should we not drink during breastfeeding?

What should we not drink during breastfeeding?

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There are a few things that it is better not to consume (or at least to think about) when you are breast-feeding your baby.


Sometimes a drink is included, but by no means more, and not regularly. Some of the alcohol consumed by the mother goes into breast milk and in many respects the baby has a bad effect - to mention just one example, the baby will sleep worse. On special occasions, of course, we do not have to say no to a glass of champagne, but we suggest that you have at least two drinks between your next breastfeeding session. This way you can minimize the amount of alcohol in your milk.

Sugar drinks and caffeine

They are not forbidden, but let's set a common limit. For example, caffeine if you are daily 400 milligrams less when introduced into our body, the baby will not have any adverse effects (the amount of caffeine in the mother's body may be 0.5 percent in breast milk) - soothes should we not drink during breastfeeding?

Vegetarian or vegan diet

Meat-free meals can be sustained during breastfeeding and dairy products can provide daily calcium and white intake. If, on the other hand, moms are consumed, so she does not consume any animal products, she also recommends taking vitamin B12 and other nutritional supplements during lactation. You should also consult a specialist about this.

Consuming things that are dangerous to nutrition and not consumed during pregnancy

For example, special cheeses and beef cattle are consumed - it is not forbidden during breastfeeding, but we always care for romantic food.

Own needs, own list

Few (two to one) babies develop severe abdominal or allergic reactions during breastfeeding, if their mothers consume cow's milk, and may also have other reactions such as eggs or nuts. Keep an eye out for your baby during breastfeeding, and if you experience anything unusual or expulsion, list the "suspicious food" that you consume that day, rather than breastfeeding during breastfeeding.


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