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Marcsi's Journal Visitor: Kispapa 5 - Modifications and Answers (Week 16-20)

Marcsi's Journal Visitor: Kispapa 5 - Modifications and Answers (Week 16-20)

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I have two beautiful big daughters and my third child will be born in a few months. It will soon become clear whether she will be a boy or a girl. Actually, this is an interesting request, as in the last few weeks, just as many other people are concerned about my wife's question.

Namely, whether amniocentesis or any other type of abdominal examination is necessary, as it is common for this age to recommend to pregnant women. And he asks me what I think he is taking the risk of, or rather taking the risk of not passing the test. Because that's the way it is, anyway. It may be because of this procedure that the fetus is depressed and the result of the examination may be that a few fetuses are already severely damaged. And my wife asks me for advice in this, and I can't publicly give a well-founded answer.
This question is very much about how much we trust in our luck, how much we trust that this baby is designed to be healthy, and how confident we are to have the right genetic status for it.
In fact, one of the defects of our genetic state has been revealed in the birth of our second being, who combines a metabolic disease because of the deficiencies of our genes, but it is also perfect and healthy. Of course, there are a few limits you have to keep in mind when you arrive, and this can be a challenge for him and us, but he does the job well. This is a disorder that no one would publicly choose for the fetus, but it would not even cause the baby to be born. What would we start with if a genetic test now revealed the possibility of a much more serious abnormality? Knowing that in history, and even in our personal cognitive domain, it has been such that the genetic test has given false positives.
Simply, "should there be a tummy tuck?" I could not answer the request, but rather hope that it would not be needed, sure everything is fine with the little one. Of course everyone hopes for that, and of course not everything is fine. Therefore, we agree to do any other exams and if they do not indicate any problems, we can trust ourselves and the baby without further examination. That's why I was excited about the genetic ultrasound now due.
The fact that the baby's gender was revealed on the ultrasound was, in my opinion, a secondary request.
I never felt like my son could not be complete without your boyfriend, and in fact, I wanted a baby girl. For a long time I did not know that I would have to go after my son until my wife became pregnant with my first daughter. Then we got ready to pick up the apartment, get it ready. The plumber, carpenter, cladding and room painter had been doing a good job when my wife came home for one of the ultrasound examinations and announced that we would have a baby. I was very happy about that, but the painter came down from the top of the ladder like an old voice: "Zsolti, you're not going to be a man! Because a real man like me is making a baby. If the first child is a girl, it will be because a guy can only do one thing! "
It seemed like a serious, well-founded account, so for almost three seconds I thought about not having a son, and then I decided he really wanted to have a girl. Being a nice father is really fun, and not only because little babes will comfort their father, but also because of their comfort. For example, it's nice that I don't have to flush the toilet when traveling or shopping; or if I'm too tired of playing games, I can point out that having a baby is not a big deal; or that I only need to contribute to the relocation by praising their pretty clothes in the morning. Of course, these are just games, part of the big gender role, because you're really just wondering what kind of people they will be, and now you are also wondering what kind of people will be coming to the family soon.
With so many requests in my head, I also missed out on my wife's genetic ultrasound, where it turned out to be no sign of any abnormality and, secondly, that we did not accidentally drop my head just now. He'll be a little boy. And by that I mean, man!
I just know what I was before!