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Mom, how did you feel about it?

Mom, how did you feel about it?

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Was there anything else in the world, or did our mothers really know something better than we did? Why do they seem to do this whole "parenting" somehow? What are their secrets?

Mom, how are you? (Photo: iStock)

Mother Mom,

when I remember my childhood, everything seems so perfect. So I remember she was calm, balanced and smiling. We played a lot with us, there was always a program. We went out, played huge balls, baked sweets, plasticized sour-flour, painted, dolled. The apartment was clean and tidy. Not only did you wash your clothes, but you always ironed them and put them away. Cooked food was waiting for us on the table every day. I was very proud of how nice and lovely my mom is. Give it to yourself - being a tip-top, dressed nicely, your hairstyle is always perfect. We, too, dressed nicely with tailored plaits, we dressed in nicer clothes made by you.
Although we were at home with us, he always worked on it to be a little extra in the family cashier. She made the reverse, tailor-made, sewn, crafty things we wanted in the market. How was your time? Incredible!
Derыs, he was humorous. But when he needed to, he was able to be rigorous and consistent. We do anything bad, anyway, we always knew that we are the most important to you in the world. He was patient and relaxed, and until I was a teenager, I don't even remember ever being upset about anything.
Mom, how are you? Didn't you feel at times how difficult it was to be a mother? Didn't you feel that it was enough and not any more? Wasn't it mad that you didn't have enough fortress to finish a hysteria? Didn't you sometimes want to give you a break from spending a little time, too?
What do you think I'm doing wrong? I just want to be a good mom, the things that are best for my kids. But I just feel like I'm just stumbling upon this role day by day. I want my sons to think about me once, they also look at me the way you do.
But time is running by me. Our apartment is in ruins, in the laundries / ironing heaps. I always forget about something, the children are hardly willing to eat the normal foods they have prepared. I am tense, often impatient, my life is a mere worry. If I fix the apartment, I have a conscience that I don't play with the kids. When I play with the kids, I play and despair about what our home is in. Many times the news and shouting with us breaks down, and after days I admit that he should not have been released. Mom, teach me - what's your secret?

My dear baby!

I'm glad you have such beautiful memories from your childhood. So good that you don't remember how tired and tired I was many times. That you didn't survive, how many times did you open up to me in the bathroom, when I didn't get any further and went to cry a little. Fortunately, you don't remember how many times I sent you out to the yard to get a bit of the apartment or cook a milk scrub for a couple of minutes while your bike was out in the open.
I'm sorry you thought I was working hard and you didn't know I often cried over the table at dawn at two o'clock in the morning so that we could still have some pounds of porridge to buy for you to buy milk. I'm glad they remembered the beautiful clothes I made because I couldn't buy you a new one from the store.
Yes, I had a lot. Remember: most of the summers were spent with my grandparents so I had few weeks to recharge. I admit you were frustrated by each and every day, so that little vacancy fell on me too. You just regretted that I'm not there to support you right now, because I'm still working.
Remember, when you were a kid, life was simpler. There was no social media, you did not have to prove to the world how perfect you were, and you did not see it as fast as others would prove your own capital. Of course, there were still people on the street who were better, better, more powerful, envied, but we did not have as much pressure as we do today. There were no different parenting methods, everyone was drooling and trying to raise better children to the best of his knowledge.
Baby, you're a hero! Without all the help, you are alone with the little ones day after day, without pause after they are born. I see that you have devoted your entire heart to them and I find it very difficult for you many times. Believe me, you could hardly put anything bigger on the table. When you feel like you are failing, there is one thing to comfort - for them, surely You're the most perfect mom!You may also be interested in these articles:
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