What does a normal body mean after birth?

What does a normal body mean after birth?

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What do you count as a normal body weight and form during breastfeeding in the months after birth? Plus, wedges are natural to some degree, but it doesn't matter why you eat it and how long you store it for yourself.

Should I lose weight?

In certain stages of the quest only нmmel-бmm goes to eat. Either the problem is that the man is tired from morning to night, or the growing bee leaves so little space in the stomach that it does not eat much food. Growing stomach is not something that makes you happy to eat. Unfortunately, these phenomena help to unintentionally consume a great deal of kalуriadъs, and they youll fast, in relatively small amounts. For example, carbohydrates, sweets, and so many extra pounds stay in place after childbirth.Also, our body is more prone to the raktбrozбsra. Because nutrition distribution was very uneven, fetal delivery, breastfeeding and, at the same time, maternal survival could only be assured if they were at normal times zsнrraktбrakthat could be used.For postpartum and exclusive breastfeeding, most women are exposed to werewolf: the body is trying to replenish its stores, and to lose. For those of you who have had to diet because of their sugar values ​​at the time of baby delivery, you can now feel that you have a healthy baby, now you can eat whatever you want! It is not uncommon for a breastfeeding mother to put in one at night plus a meal, so much of it is the crush of hunger. All of this is perfectly normal, understandable, but one thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't matter what you flip inside.

How can I make a difference?

The first six months after the birth not at all you need to think drastically, and even if you are bothered by this, let's put it more: you can eat as much as you can, except for a few meals. If you are just trying to comply with the following rules, you are already making a huge leap forward a healthy, quality meal so you have no hunger, no hunger! On the contrary, you are actually replenishing your body with vitamins and valuable nutrients, while ridding you of unnecessary food intake.

So that is all

1. Don't buy, keep at home, or anything that contains added sugar, honey, or any artificial candy. You can eat sweets, but they are strictly in natural foods: for example, any fruits, dried fruits, greens, oilseeds, cereal milk and the like.2. Do not buy, keep at home or anything that contains additives such as flavor enhancers (sodium glutamate), colorants, natural or artificial aromas, state-of-the-art. Get used to the food with the kind of food that you have, and eat as much as you can. Most of the additives are intended to: increase consumption. Foods that have been shown to contain very harmful substances that are proven to be healthy, such as trans fatty acids, which, for example, are hydrogenated among the ingredients, should also be avoided. Examples include cheeses, buttermilk powders, whipped cream sprays, and candy sugars. You can find more information and the full trans fatty acid list here.3. Include more in your daily routine raw fruits and vegetables. If you are trying to consume one kilo a day, you are already close to the ideal intake.4. Make sure that the natural fiber content of the food is as high as possible. This means that you only eat whole wheat flour and the bread, pasta and bread made from it and keep it at home. How not so foamy and delicious a home-made meal is? What ?! It is not the purpose of you to be spherical, either you or your family members. There are just enough flours and sugars left in the body, so little?