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Dad, you must be here too!

Dad, you must be here too!

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In addition to highlighting the role of mothers in the life of the child, why don't we mention the dads who are the least in need of the dots? Here's a letter from a toddler.

Dear Dad,
I decided I wanted to send you a letter because we have barely been home lately. You know, Dad, my every day is framed by waking up with you in the morning, having breakfast together, and waving to each other in the window - mother in law. From then on, time goes by slowly, even though I can get wet and sand in the garden, even if we go to the playground, I can take out all my little cars, so that I can show you how crazy I am. That I don't fall for the engine, that I can build a huge tower (on the top of the ridge, as you taught it!). That with my screwdriver, I can fix everything for Mom, just like you do. That I can conjure a huge bear in the foam bath, just as you once showed.
You know, Dad, I don't remember, but Mom often shows photos on her phone I slept a lot in your carrycot too, when I was just a little baby. He also tells me that when we first stayed two really because he had to go to the doctor's office, I cried three times to you and found me at home on the couch, just like you. So nowadays I often like to wear it on your back and go out for a big one. I once saw a video you teach me some sayand I'm gonna laugh you and say badly after you, but you are eager to repeat it for long minutes so I can say it right once. That video has to be watched with my mom on telcsi many times, and also when you bathe and in my hell I throw everything out of your dad. and I also push my nose to ask you if you come home. And wipe the paw prints out of there often, but I can't freak out if I hear noise in the car, I always hope.But Dad, I'm waiting for you lately, I spit out my eyes in the evening, in the bed, going to my mother, you don't go home. Mom says you work a lot and we'll be together in the summer. If you ask me, explain how far your weekend is or what it is, I always count my fingers on the horse calendar, but I haven't understood it yet. I just feel it is very far and I'm afraid I will have to be quiet again so you can sleep. But I will beoson you again, I will polish it, and you will ask me openly, "shall we go to throw pebbles, little son?" - And I will be the happiest child in the world. Assuming you don't compete, Dad, and you don't have to go to work again after a sudden phone call, because it's okay. Dad, I'm so disappointed. And I'm afraid I can only ask the mother again for telcs if you really miss me. And Mom will be tense, and if I put a bad tree on the fire and believe her, she will say again (unless she can raise me anything else) that she will tell you and you will be angry. And if you come home and talk to me about it. Dad, I'd rather be a mother if you come home! Nor am I sorry to tell you how sad you are when I defy my mother. And that a slow ovis should not behave like that. Dad, I also like being grumpy. Just send me home because Mom's Christmas party doesn't make me that little car and she can't sing Micimacku ​​so funny. I love you, Dad, I'm looking forward to this weekend, please ... Nбndi (2.5 yrs) Related Articles: